Battle For The Universe - CCG

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I am the co-creator of a new card game called "Battle For the Universe"

Right now we are currently getting art acquired for the game and boosting interest.

The game itself is of the Superhero Genre, so I figure this might be an ok place to post it.

If you wouldn't mind taking a peek at our FB Page, you can see Artwork, Live Video Demos, discussions, and even our KS date! Give us a like, join the discussion!

If you want to donate or share when we start up our KS, that'd be awesome.

Also, if you are a superhero creator, we are open to licensing in the future and would be willing to talk to you about your characters "Invading" our game!



  • Just so everyone knows, I have updated the initial post, and we are going to be heading over to KS soon, check out our FB page for details!
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