What Board Games Have You Been Playing Recently?

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To start off with, I've been playing a lot of Archaeology the New Expedition, a pulpy Indiana Jones like, set collection game where you dig for ancient treasures and explore tempes which plays in only half an hour. Here's a review: https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/review-archaeology-new-expedition/


  • @Nefherder1204 after reading the review for Archaeology the New Expedition I will be adding that to my list of games I need to purchase.

    The board game that I've been playing a lot of recently is Elder Sign. I'm completely obsessed with the concept and have recently purchased the expansions.
  • @ageekygirllikeme, I've had Elder Sign for a while, and I enjoy it, but I've not dabbled in any expansions.  What are they like, and what do they add to the game?  My only hesitation with expansions to games like this is that sometimes they add new rules and up the complexity, or give me five more stacks of tokens to keep sorted.  If it's just about giving me more rooms to explore and elder unspeakable things to seal away, though, that would be interesting . . . Have you played Arkham Horror or Eldrich Horror?  Arkham is the most labor-intensive and detailed of the three games, all set in the same basic universe.  Set up takes a long time, and the games can drag on a bit long for my tastes.  Eldrich Horror strikes a nice balance, relying a little less on luck of the dice than Elder Sign, and feeling a little more challenging, too.  It adds some complexity, but not as much as Arkham Horror.  

    @Nerfherder1204, have you played Fortune & Glory?  It was featured in an episode of Tabletop in season 3, I believe.  It also has a sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark feel to the setting and style of adventure, and I've found it pretty entertaining, although I've only played it twice with my friends so far.  

    My most frequently played board games are Ticket To Ride and Carcassonne, because they're my girlfriend's favorites.  The last game I played with my friends (when we take a break from running our ongoing roleplaying sessions) was King of New York.  I have yet to play through that enough to see a wide selection of the cards come into play, so it still offers a fair variety for future matches.  Tromping around as giant monsters battling for control of Manhattan is kind of cool.  I've never played King of Tokyo, which I believe was the original game to which New York is a sequel.
  • @Farlander, I've never played fortune and glory, but would really like to play it, I probably won't buy it though because the production values aren't great.
    @ageekygirllikeme, thanks for recommending elder sign, it looks brilliant and will add it to my to purchase list.
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    Fortune & Glory is a fairly expensive tabletop game, because it has so many little fiddly bits, but I've not found that there was any poor production value in the components, @Nerfherder1204.  The only issue I've seen is with the organization of the rulebook, which is pretty scattershot in introducing various rules and very difficult to use as a quick reference when you want to check for a specific explanation.  Our first game was pretty confused, and several times, well into the game, we discovered a rule that had been overlooked or interpreted wrongly the whole way through.  It badly needs a summary-sheet style overview of the rules that is clear, succinct, and search-friendly.  I may read through the rulebook and type up my own reference sheet before bringing it out for the group again.

    Despite the confusing rulebook, (which is partly down to newbie players on a first run-through) it was a fun game to play.  I like the theme and the setting, and the various elements used to resolve your movement and adventuring seemed well-designed, to me.  

    I spent a similar amount for Mice & Mystics, also after seeing it promoted on TableTop, but was much more disappointed in that game, somehow.  Fortune & Glory seemed to be exactly what it was advertised to be, but Mice & Mystics was billed as a roleplaying game, and it feels purely mechanical, having opened it and read through the rules.  I thought there'd be some actual roleplaying involved, but it's more of a miniature wargame, on closer inspection.  I've since learned that there's a Redwall rpg that is probably closer to what I was picturing when I got the game.  I mention M&M mainly to compare price and components to Fortune & Glory, though, and they seem pretty similar, to me.  
  • Mostly not gaming since it's summer, but last game I tried out was Boss Monster and before that, Hostage Negotiator. Boss Monster was okay, nothing surprising in it and I kind of ran away with the game being the most experienced gamer there.

    Hostage Negotiator's a fun solo game though, which is kind of hard to win. Overall, quite happy with the game and good for dragging out when you are on a plane.
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    Last week we tried out Samurai Spirit, which I got during Barnes & Noble's red dot sale. (I was really hoping to get the Game of Thrones board game out of that, but alas...) It was okay. We've been trying to get together with friends at least once a month to play Pandemic Legacy, which I'm sure many of you agree is an incredible game! I just picked up The Ravens of Thri Sahashri to try out this weekend after seeing it featured on G&S. It looks like it'll be a pretty unique experience. 

    OH, and I almost forgot to mention the brand new Dead of Winter: The Long Night expansion! I got it in the mail last week and we gave it a go using the Improvement and Raxxon modules (but not Bandits!) and it made an already great game even greater. Highly recommended!
  • Depends on which group of friends I'm with. I enjoy playing Zombicide: Rue Morgue wiith my husband's friends (they're also into Call of Cthulhu and we always have a blast playing). My set of friends enjoy Ticket To Ride and The Resistance: Avalon. It's quite obvious my friends are not into rule-heavy games. Lol.
  • Werewolves of Miller Hollow is always a great time.  Mysterium is another that I enjoy playing.  For more competitive games, I like Istanbul and Catan. I've found Survive: Escape from Atlantis is a good game for introducing beginners.  

    But in general I'll give just about any game a go at least once.  Played Captain Sonar just this past weekend.  interesting team game.  Like a really complicated game of Battleship.
  • Thursday we played 4 rounds of Legendary. Sunday we played a 5p round of Smallworld and then my daughters ganged up on me for a round of Survive: Escape from Atlantis.
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