Heroclix vs Capcom Rules

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Since it was announced that the next episode was with Street Fighter clix and they were looking for some special rules here is the rules I made for a clix experiance to simulate the Marvel vs Capcom games.

Points 300-500 points no resources or special objects or feats.

Set up: Each team must have only three characters. All games will be played on 6x16 maps (Street Fighter Starter set size). Only one character from each team can be on the battlefield at a time. The first character from each team will be chosen at random.

Hit Tokens: Each time a character takes damage from an attack place a hit token on their card. At the start of each turn you may remove a hit token from the card of every character not on the battlefield to heal them of 1 health.

Changing Characters: A character may be given a swap action if it has 1 or more hit token to swap with a character off the map. Tokens carry over and the new character will be given enough tokens so that it has two action tokens, this will not deal pushing damage. When the new character is placed it may make a free action to make a close combat Incapacitate attack. When a character is KO'ed a new character goes into the starting area.

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    Looks like something got cut out. There should be a limit of one action per turn.
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