Path of Exile

So i posted on the FB group for Team Hooman but maybe here would be better. I am looking for others who play this game occasionally. Honestly my previous guild, to which I am thankfully no longer part of much to my relief, was pretty bad. I barely spoke and when i did, well i got verbal slapdowns for no reason. Thats as much as I actually care to recount. Anyways, I am looking for a 'lighter' crowd that can talk, joke around occasionally and maybe help each other out. If you play POE let me know. Maybe we can create a guild on there?


  • How often do you play? I don't play a lot because of work, but when I get a chance I try to. I am always playing wacky builds like triple Blaspemy warlords, poachers, assassins mark discharge, or support/summoner builds. I am a hardcore temp league player.
  • Haven't played PoE in forever, but I've been meaning to try it again since I heard they apparently got rid of the desync. Sounds too good to be true!
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