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Titansgrave themed craftiness

So, I made this leather binder using bits of artwork from throughout the first season of Titansgrave.  I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow G&S fans...


  • Gorgeous!  I especially like the four sigils laid out in a grid.  What are you going to keep in the binder, @Joezero?  Notes for a roleplaying campaign seems appropriate, but it could be for anything, I suppose.  Sketches of mechanical beetles.  Lizardwoman breakdance choreography notes.  Dwarf-elf romantic fanfic.  Schematics for a stealth-compatible bucket. The possibilities are endless!  :}
  • Who told you about my clockwork beetle?  This is precisely why I need a binder to shield my work from prying eyes before it is completed!
  • It was raining the other day, so I made another Titansgrave-themed leather piece.  Everyone seems to comment on the back cover of the binder that I made, so I used the glyphs again in designing this belt.image
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