Total Eclipse: A New Form of Mecha Combat [Alpha Recruiting]

Hello, I am looking for players interested in helping me test out a new game I've created best off of the Muv-Luv Alternative universe.  It is a lightweight D20 system that utilizes an open table space to play. 
I am very interested in getting a large group of players together to begin working out kinks in the game in hopes of creating an easy to play but interesting Mecha/Sci-fi RPG.
The general idea of the game is that you are a pilot of a Tactical Surface Fight (TSF) and are the best chance that the world has against the Beings of ExtraTerrestrial origin that are Adversaries of humankind (BETA).  Jet fighters were never created, large walking mechs armed with rifle, sword, and shield were created in their place.
If you have interest in playing please post here and send me a pm. Once I have a number of testers; time and date of play can be created but I aim to start in May if not late April.
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