Another Five Felicia Emotes!

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Hi guys!  So in this prior thread fans submitted a bunch of great options for Felicia's emotes, and she choose five (and she adored all the submissions, btw).  It looks like another 5 spots will soon e opening up, so to keep things clean I'm starting a new thread!

Couple of notes:
  • To make the backlog simpler, I removed areas where an emote was already chosen (e.g., heart emotes, heal emotes, ASMR emotes).
  • And as much as we adore past streams, at this point it's probably not too likely that an emote dedicated to those completed streams would see much use.  So I removed ones for Grimrock, Life is Strange, Cook Serve, etc.
  • Here's a quick visual of the current backlog...

So now we can add new emotes for consideration! 

Couple of guidelines:

  • Emotes need to be in PNG format so that they support transparency.
  • Emotes need to be created in 3 different sizes: 28x28, 56x56 and 112x112 
  • Emotes shouldn't use copyrighted material.
  • Some people create their emotes using traditional image editors and some use
    vector graphics programs. Use whatever you're comfortable with!

I'll be spreading this thread around on social media and in chat. Let's have some fun!



  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    Couple of brainstorming thoughts:
    • Now that we raid G&S every stream, a Felicia Raid emote might be good!
    • A lot of channels have a 'Hype' emote so a Felicia Hype emote might be one to consider!
    • A lot of people point out that emotes that get used often do tie to emotions/expressions.  So emotes for being dismayed, being cheeky, being silly, being exasperated etc might be fun to consider!  That sort of stuff tends to get used across channels because it doesn't require much context.  e.g., I dunno who this streamer is, but I can read the 'emotions' of her emotes :)


  • Perhaps a "You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)" emote?  Shorten that down to Neverweird and it might fit into a little icon.  Maybe an image that looks like Santa in a tutu with a lightsaber . . .
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    Oh hey @Farlander!  Thoughtful as always, my friend - there were a few NeverWeird options in the last batch so I'll add those back into the backlog.  Great thoughts as always :)
  • I like @Zuffy's "I have no idea" emote, too.  It could be a broken light bulb above a head.  That would be really handy for me whenever a wave of rampant mathchat burbles through the chatroom.  :}
  • Ok, tried to make two deer related emotes. Not 100% satisfied with the outcome. The second is a bit hard to recognize in 28x28 pixels. I might (or might not) try to redo them in a style that better works in 28x28 pixels at some later point.

    This is about what Felicia does:

    image image image

    I call this one "Rambi":

    image image image

  • @Zuffy Thanks!

    I tried some variations on the "Rambi" emote to make it better recognizable at 28x28 pixels. Doesn't look that good on higher resolutions now. Not sure how much these look like deer. :/

    image image image

    image image image

  • Thought I'd toss in a few rough emote ideas. They aren't finished because it takes me a really long time to polish things to the quality I like (takes longer when you dunno what you're doing!), so these are just rough Wacom sketches to show concepts and general composition. I don't know what kind of timetable we're working on for the next round of emotes. If there's time and people like any maybe I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to clean them up.

    Anyhoo! On with my crude, cave-painting-like drawings. :) I tried to pick stuff that's very general purpose and might come up in lots of games. And which, of course, tap into some of the fun inside jokes of Felicia's streams.

    Accents / 'Ello / Elbows -- Perhaps a variant without the text to make it more generic for any accents (and maybe less offensive to English people! lol)

    OoooOOOOoooh! -- Everyone's favorite cartoonish excitement sound.

    Thief / pickpocket / stealing / looting -- Neck-and-neck with inventory management as the best part of RPGs.

    Ain't got no caaah -- Ya cahn't get thah from heah. The oft repeated phrase from the intro to Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage" music video.

    Full inventory / hoarding -- When inventory gets full, it's time for inventory management, you're carrying too much weight, etc. Or when you find a particularly lucrative place to loot.

    Breaking pots / crates / containers -- Though breaking open containers is pretty general, I think Felicia's funny "unnnnnh!" noise might be specific to Lara and the funny animation she does, so I dunno about this one.
  • @rocketsoup I love all of your emotes! :)

    (If you want any feedback: I would make the hair red like Felicia's. But that's just what I'd do.)

  • Thanks @panzi! I'm taking a couple days off next week. Hopefully I'll find some time to clean up one or two of the emotes that got the most response.
  • panzipanzi Member
    edited March 2016 PM

    Made two more emotes. Not many details in those, but I guess at 28x28 you can't see them anyway.


    image image image


    image image image

    Edit: And another one:


    image image image

    Update: Tuned the emotes a tiny bit (mainly color).

  • I've got nothing for this batch, but some of these are so good anyway it doesn't really matter! Awesome work, guys. :)
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    Steam: SirRustyroo | Twitch: SirRustyroo (aka Serious Tyroo) | BoardGameArena: Rustyroo
  • @Zuffy The improved version is perfect!
  • @Zuffy You seem to have lightened the drop shadow by making it more white instead of making it more transparent (like the other shadows). This means it looks like that in dark mode/on dark background:


    It might be what you wanted, though? Just saying. The two standard background colors Twitch uses are #F2F2F2 (bright) and #19191F (dark). One should always try out the emotes on both backgrounds. (I haven't always done that and so e.g. ryonGood looks a bit bad in dark mode.)

  • @Zuffy I'm not disagreeing. I'm undecided about what looks better. Just wanted mention dark mode so you're aware of it. :)
  • First proper draft of the "ello" emote.



  • @rocketsoup Loving it! (She is a tiny bit cross-eyed in the large version. Intentional?)
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Zuffy - thanks for the heads-up on the Cooptitude emote cut-off issue!  I'll fix it and reupload the graphic when I have a few moments to spare!  Great work on the 'Holy Poop' emote :D

    @Panzi - the level of detail on those deer emotes is amazing, and I love the expressiveness of your Felicia emotes :)

    @Rusty - no worries on not having much to add this go-around - as you said, there are a ton of great ones to choose from already!

    @rocketsoup - as I said over on Twitter, you've done a brilliant job of capturing concepts in a charming, personality-filled way!  Great work!

    As some folks were asking about the deadline for this activity, Felicia has said she'll likely be doing the selection of the five emotes in May/June, so there's still plenty of time to brainstorm and submit ideas!  I sent her a link to this thread, and she's super-excited at all the creativity being shown :)
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    Some of you may have seen these on Twitter already, but here are a ton of options from Amazing TeamHooman artist, Jon West!  :)

  • Thanks @torontogal and @panzi. :)

    The eyes might need tweaking. Was aiming for a slight sideways glance. I think I'll add some shading as well to the larger versions so they're a little less plain. The smallest size doesn't have much room for detail without getting cluttered.

    I got the most response to the 'ello, the oooo, and the ain't got no caah, in about that order, so I'll see if I can make some nicer versions of those three.
  • imageimageimage
    Here are some Chew emotes at different sizes for Hooman consideration :D
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