[Quick Survey] Revenue and Spectating Online Content. ~10 Questions.

Hello. I am a university student in Australia and I am interested in seeking responses from online users concerning Gaming and the Internet as part of my research assignment.

Recent studies have shown video content platform, ‘YouTube’ having a higher viewership compared to the live-streaming website, ‘Twitch’, however, the latter has proven to acquire more revenue.
This research will investigate the reasons behind this phenomenon and in addition, what motivates users to create, watch or support online content producers.

- There are roughly 10 questions, including multiple answers and written responses.
- All answers will remain anonymous and private with the sole purpose to be used as data for this research.
- Should take no more than 7 minutes of your time.

To fill it out, visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uTJDYN1Od_n1dY9gZ4gyYMx04Qd1XlrvuChfqdkftx0/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link

Thanks in advance!


  • I took the survey.  :}

    It seems to me that Twitch is inherently gamer-centric, so it might naturally promote games, even without advertisements, if viewers see someone playing a game that interests them, then go out and purchase it for themselves.  Youtube, by contrast, has been around longer and is extremely broad in the type of content it features, all sorts of videos about anything and everything.  I mean, maybe someone watches a lot of cute cat videos and then decides to get a cat, but I doubt it's as much of a direct line from viewer to customer in most cases.  That's just a general observation.  I've no idea how to measure the actual monetization of sites, beyond the most obvious tracking of subscriptions to channels.  
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