Elementary Season 4 - Fiona Helbron...What happened to her?

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There has been a new love interest introduced in Season 4 of Elementary.  Her name is Fiona Helbron in the show, and she is a high functioning autistic woman who has caught Sherlocks interest.  They started to show the beginnings of a relationship.  However, after that episode, nothing has been mentioned or shown at all to suggest they are going to continue with that relationship.  Will she return?  What ever happened to Fiona Helbron?  Please help, I'm dying to know.


  • It's only been what, 2 or 3 episodes since she last appeared? Give it a chance. I'm sure the writers wouldn't have brought her back for that second appearance if they didn't intend to do *something* with her. We're only half way through the season too, so she's likely to appear a few more times this year, I think.
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