Subscription Payment Change?

Hey!  Does anyone know how to change the payment method for a subscription to G&S Twitch channel?  I've been looking through settings and subscription pages on Twitch, and I can't find any place where I can alter my account to switch from an old card to a new one.  Do I just have to cancel and resubscribe with the new card?  There ought to be a way to get in and just change it over.  


  • Googling found me this:

    So yeah, you have to cancel and re-subscribe.
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  • Well, that's mildly disappointing, as I'll lose the ineffable prestige of clicking the button to announce that I've been subscribed for over a year.  On the up side, I can time my new subscription to make the hosts dance during the show of my choice, which is sort of fun.

    Thanks for finding a definitive answer, @Molokov.  It's surprisingly opaque looking through the Twitch interface itself for this particular bit of information.  I was hoping it would work more like a Netflix subscription, with an account on file that could be updated and changed.
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