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So this is the first week we have been without a guilds episode on tuesday since launch.  Over 3 months of new episodes.  Do you think we are gonna get a Season 6 trailer this summer of maybe later this year?


  • I would love to see one, feels like forever - but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
  • Oh yea. Even re-watching Seasons 1-5 for the third/fourth time is great.
  • Hope we hear something soon, been re-watching Seasons 1-5 today. Love the comics too, they are awesome and great for reading on my way to work :)
  • I would love to see another season. :) I love the show it is so funny and sometimes I can relate as an MMO player/gamer. lol
  • I'm trying to watch the ones with the commentary edited in, but I keep getting interrupted. I CANNOT MISS ONE. either way, I am excited for season 6, I KNEW that's what Codex was getting into, and I giggled at the last line of the last episode :D
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  • I totally assumed that they would announce it this summer at SDCC! Let's keep our fingers crossed :3
  • Im with MentholCabbage on this one. SDCC looks like it will be the place! 
  • Watched every season of The Guild many times, but it's so addictively awesome! Next time, going to watch all the episodes on the G&S YouTube page with the trivia annotations. Fun!
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  • Hopefully there will be some kind of announcement at SDCC.

    I'm really looking forward to S6. Especially now that we have these nice new forums for discussing all the plot holes! (Felicia loves when people do that)

  • Seconded'd....although I can't imagine when she'd find the time to write or shoot. I'll keep my fingers crossed along with y'all.
  • season 5 was a thing of beauty.   
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    I have to confess that I didn't know about The Guild prior to G&S coming I've binged on the episodes available and I need more.
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    I definitely think we will get some news at comic con. At VidCon (see video below) someone asked Felicia whether or not there would be a season 6, and she said "go watch the panel at Comic con" (or something to that effect).

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  • @Jens_H well I remember comments when G&S first launched their channel when they put up the Season 4 full video people started asking about Season 6 and they responded "We have no plans at this time for a sixth season".  Would love to hear an announcement at Comic Con though
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    @Ryansox That was like months ago :p.
    Here's the link btw I'm not able to embed YouTube clips.

    I think they will ideally want to be able to premier season 6 on geekandsundry YouTube channel and xbox at the same time, but it might be hard to get both Microsoft and Google to agree to this.

  • I'm not even a gamer and I was practically choking with laughter for the first 5 seasons.  Would definitely love to see a Season 6!
  • I really looking forward to season 6, but in the meantime, I'm pretty excited about Sandeep's new show Save The Supers on another You Tube channel. (I hope you don't mind me mentioning another series, and I doubt you will as you're very into mutual promotion). Sandeep is just so darn funny! Obviously, I love him on The Guild, and Legend of Neil was... legendary. Trust me though, I'll be back whenever season 6 kicks off.
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    I would like to see trailer for Season 6. Can not wait until the next Season :)
  • @briansinger I have to admit I did not like The Legend of Neil..watched all the way to the musical episode mostly for Felicia as a fairy and just to see the musical (which was awesome!) but I really didn't like.
    I need to check out the new show, hope it'll be better. :P 
    I do like Jeff's 5 min comedy hour...:D
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