new site for free background music? over 100 free tracks

I just found this site on facebook. Seems to be going viral. Someone offering 100 free tracks for royalty free use on youtube.. what do you guys think? has anyone used this before?


  • Most of the Youtubers I've seen - and me included - have used stuff from - which just requires an attribution for non-commercial use. And that site has quite a few great tracks. Most of the G&S Vloggers used at least one track if not more from that site.

    The 909 music site, despite being "Royalty Free" doesn't actually appear to be "Free" - i.e. you pay to use the music, although the license is royalty free, which just means you don't have to keep paying.

    If I am going to make a video (as an amateur) I'd prefer not to have to fork out money for stuff I don't have to, especially if I'm not intending to make money out of what I do... in which case, I'd look for sites (like Incompetech) which are actually *free* as well as royalty free.
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  • Hi Molokov,

    On this particular link ive found all the tracks to be free. I can download these for free and use them in my videos without having to pay anything at all.

    Its like what you mention above, just give them credits.

    But the 100 tracks are sort of hidden and only available on this page:
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