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This is kind of random, but I just recently started listening to the cast commentary tracks on the DVDs the other day - and wow are they funny!

I rarely ever listen to commentary tracks on other DVDs I buy but I thought it'd be a fun thing to listen to while I play Guild Wars 2 - I've re-watched each season enough over the past few months that I didn't really need the video to accompany it other than to switch over occasionally when they mentioned something in particular from the show - they go off track for the majority of the commentary anyway and it's great!  It was such a great track to listen to while I ran around doing the more mundane tasks in-game (I have an obsession with getting 100% map completion before I progress on which means I spend forever just running around exploring) and I really enjoyed it.

I don't know if anyone who contributed to it will read this post but I just wanted to say THANK-YOU for including it as a DVD feature! It really cheered me up and provided a nice distraction from obsessing over my cat who went missing a few days ago :(

I look forward to listening to the season 5 commentary (which I haven't gotten to yet) and the future season 6 commentary that I really hope is included on the DVD!  I guess my next goal is to listen to the creator and director commentary tracks as well - beter get back to Guild Wars :P

Finally on a slightly unrelated note, congrats to Geek & Sundry on reaching 350,000 subscribers earlier today!! Woo

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