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My hubby and I have found ourselves in a gamer's wasteland.  All our online gaming friends are many miles away and tend to gamehop more than our budget can keep up with.  And we don't know of anyone in our small community that would enjoy a game night once in awhile.  So we are looking for something that we can play, just the two of us.  Any suggestions?


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    How about Lost Cities, Hive,  1960: The Making of the President, Blue Moon, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, YINSH, or Carcassonne: The Castle.

    If you want something a bit more complex try Twilight Struggle or A Few Acres of Snow.

  • Small World is a great game because it has different board configurations for players from 2-5. My husband also found a game called Mr. Jack. One person plays Jack the Ripper and one person plays the investigator after him. Jack has to escape and the investigator has to figure out where he is. Fun two person game.
  • The Lord of the Rings card game is 2 players, though it's received mixed reviews. I'm tempted to buy it, though, because (1) I love the Lord of the Rings and (2) I also play a lot of games with my wife and this one is cooperative.
  • LOTR board game is pretty good.  My wife and I really like playing Arkham Horror together, its co-op, with alot of story.   It is fairly long though.
  • Years ago I often played the Settlers of Catan Card Game with my brother. But now this game is out of print and replaced by The Rivals for Catan. I'm sorry but is the only good two-player-game which comes in my mind right now.^^
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  • I bought the LOtR Card Game. I sold it. Coudln't get my wife into it and single player was... meh...

    I picked up the Ravenloft board game. We've played it a couple times. Bonus is if I feel like playing and she doesn't, I still can with single player. Would love a good list of coop games.
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    I still haven't been able to play it properly, but Elder Sign is 1-8 player co-operation. It's kind of the same universe as the Arkham Horror series, but from what I have heard it doesn't take that long to play and it's supposed to be really good!
  • Did anyone mention Talisman, yet?
    You can play that with two players, but I tried and it wasn't particularly exciting. I reckon it'll be much more fun with more players!
  • Although we do frequently play with our friends, me and my significant other love to play boardgames with just the two of us. These are all games we own and love and are fun with two players and also with a bunch:

    -Resident Evil the Card Game
    -Last Night on Earth
    -The Stars are Right
    -Arkham Horror
    -Deadlands: the Battle for Slaughter Gulch

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    My boyfriend and I play Pandemic together (co-op), but we have never won with just the two of us. Either we really suck (we do usually down a bottle of wine while playing, and being drunk while trying to stop infectious disease is not advisable) or the game is just really hard with two people.
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  • Although Gloom is better with more people, you can easily play with only two.  Otherwise, another great card game that can be played with any number of people (at least two) would be any of the Fluxx games.  Those come in all different flavors from zombies to martians to pirates to sci-fi to Monty Python; there's even a version of Fluxx for stoners!  Then, for a really crazy game, mix one or more of the decks together.  It's nucking futs!
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    Played 'lost cities' a ton today in the G&S lounge. Awesome 2 player game.
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    Ticket to Ride is OK with two players.

    Or something old school like Risk - I remember playing that all weekend with a school friend when I was a kid.

  • Blood Bowl is one of my favourite 2 players games.

    Does Risk play with 2 players? I did see a 2 player version of Risk for sale once..i think the new version has special 2 player rules in the box now though....I can't see how it works though
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    Jaipur is one of my GF's favorites. Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is the best T2R for two! The two player Risk is called Risk: Balance of Power. Use BoardGameGeek as a source of inspiration. Here is one of the many geeklists with two player games: Favorite Two-Player Games (arranged by BGG weight).
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  • I contacted Tabletop with this very question and they were awesome enough to direct me here. The wife and I just moved to a new state where we don't know a soul, so there's lots of 2-player gaming going on in our house. We play:
    • Munchkin (several varieties)
    • Zombie Dice
    • Gloom
    • Pandemic
    • Small World
    I'm going to check out all the recommendations here and hopefully find some like-minded geeks around town very soon.
  • Lost Cites is a GREAT two player game. Also look for Dominion and Thunderstone.
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    The very best 2 player game that I have come across is Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. It's a fantasy based deck building game, kind of similar to Dominion, but with random elements and more of an adventuring feel. You buy Heroes and use Constructs and kill Monsters, etc. I highly recommend it!

    And they have an iOS version as well, in case you'd like to try it out for $5 before you buy the full tabletop version.

    Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see this game on TableTop in the future! *wink wink*

    Edit: Forgot to mention that you can play with up to 4 people, and is still a great game no matter how many players you have. They have also made a small set to go along with Chronicle, and another big set called Storm of Souls and the small set to go along with it will be released at GenCon in a few weeks. :)
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  • I wanted to post a topic on Blood Bowl but found this thread instead. So I will just post to this "more mature" thread and add my vote for Blood Bowl. Although would they ever do a two person game on TT? Or a game not available at Target? Do they have an endorsement deal with Target? Either way... Blood Bowl rules.
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