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Is this show going to ever be available to view after its airdate? I work Monday nights but would love to check it out (specially the Paranoia episode) but cannot see where I can.


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    I just signed up on the forums to ask the same thing after watching Paranoia. 
    It's absolutely hilarious! I'd definitely watch No Survivors and Crit Role, I just can't do Monday nights. It's right during one of my weekly D&D games. 
    However, here's the link for the Paranoia episode. :)

    EDIT: Oh and after checking out their Twitch TV channel it looks like the No Survivor clips are up there, so there's that if you're subscribed to them!
  • I'd definitely love to go back and see the older No Survivors episodes. Ivan mentioned in the latest episode that if you were interested, you should go back and watch the old episodes, however a bunch of searching turned up only the archive on twitch. It doesn't seem to go back far enough to see most of the old episodes.
  • I've seen a few on their youtube channel.  HELP: I heard they were going to play TMNT and other strangeness on an episode of no survivors. This may have already occurred as I heard this on a backlog episode of critical role episode 40 or 39 during a break. I've had that starter book for AGES and have never played... I'm severely interested in watching someone actually play that. Apparently I'll need to catch it streamed? "Monday night". I find the Geek & Sundry site does very poorly at organizing for newer people and it does not really provide me with any idea of what the heck is actually going on... SO: 1) Have you heard of this show or event with TMNT? 2) when and where does one watch these things live...include time zone. From what I gather, this is a twitch live stream channel that does regular programing and has added privileges for subscribers paying a regular fee.  All I really know of it is from watching Critical Role's backlog videos on youtube until I caught up enough to be required to find the video no longer on youtube, but linked from a horrible interface that looks like the mutated love child of someone's tablet and facebook newsfeed.
  • I loved watching the Paranoia game, it has inspired me to dig up some old books and run it for my co-workers.  I'd really like to find that little tone that preceded the computer's dialogue or something similar.  Not much luck looking on google play for a sound board randomly.  Anyone got a suggestion for a decent app that can replicate or produce a similar sound byte?
  • Any further news on where we can view old episodes of No Survivors? The twitch archive only goes back a couple months.
  • Signed in to echo the same. From the time Ive watched theres been so many lost good ones (hot pepper jenga, whatever that zombie game was etc). And logging on here I couldnt believe that its hardly featured? No group, nothing? 
    To me No Survivors and Critical Role is the main things I watch, Ivan and Matt are both brilliant and Ivan deserves to be seen more. 
    I suspect that atleast Pugmire will appear on site ... but cmon, all the odd bits as well please. 
    And give them the recognition of a show on site at least. 
  • Is the show (now, at this point Foreververse) going to get its own forum? I'd think at this point it certainly deserves it. 
  • Would love to see the old episodes get a channel on either this site or a sub channel on the G&S youtube site.

    Would lso love to get some info on Jason Charles Miller pugmire character, what kind of dog was he and what class?
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