Mythica Movie Series

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Call me unobservant if you like, but watching Mythica 3 this weekend (my Kickstarter Blue Ray...) I it suddenly dawned on me that Zorlok (the bad guy) was our very own Matt Mercer as the resurgent arch villain previously defeated (but not killed) by the 'didn't quite finish the job' Kevin Sorbo wizard character, Gojun Pye.

Nice to see those DM'ing skills brought out in an on-screen LARP'esque encounter or two as the newly minted band of heroes 'level up' through their various struggles,

The movie series continues to improve, and tells a fantasy RPG story in a story arc that works on screen. The characters are increasingly engaging, and each instalment is better than the last.

Good stuff all round - looking forwards to Mythica: Iron Crown and some more good guys vs. the Necromancer action.

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