History, Information, and Testing Game Dice

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Greetings All!

I present two videos about the history, information on how dice are created, and how to test gaming dice for randomness.

The first video is a bit of a commercial by a manufacturer of gaming dice.  I include it here solely for the information on the history and ideas about how dice work when rolled.
Louis Zocchi of GAMESCIENCE Dice at GenCon 2015

The second video is from a game dice fan.  It also includes history, information, details, etc.  Much more in-depth detail here.
Chessex vs WizDice vs Gamescience

I would suggest that everyone at least use the "salt water" test to check *ALL* of their dice sets for randomness.  I would suggest that Will Wheaton do the same...but Laws of Karma will never shine well for Will! -)


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