• @VirginiaApplejack, thanks for the reply.  <3

    I don't really have any questions for the Alpha people.  I've read enough and seen enough elsewhere to have a sense of what's going on, and I can just wait until they actually start putting stuff out to evaluate the results.  I'll try to offer constructive feedback once there's more to look at and interact with.  

    I'll take it as (marginally) good news that there is some stated intention to hire more people, although I'm not sure what specific positions are going to be filled.  It's good to hear that Felicia is still involved in overseeing the hiring process.  I like to think she'll attract and seek out people with a similar sensibility, which is the only way I can imagine preserving the wonderful community that sprang up around her creative inspiration.  I hope it means more help and teamwork for you and the remaining G&S staff.  

  • @Zuffy I wanted to be as factual and impartial as possible in my summary. People are confused and emotional by the Alpha announcement, which leads to vitriol and divisiveness, and that's not what Geek & Sundry should encourage. I deal with press releases and public relations in my day job, and I had some free time this morning, so I tried to do my bit to help my fellow hoomans through this uncertainty.

    Truth be told, Alpha is the realization of everything I feared would happen when Geek & Sundry was purchased by Legendary. The latter is a corporation, and as such, seeks to maximize profits above all else. That's just the nature of the beast, so I don't fault them for that.

    Let's be realistic: the vast majority of current subscribers are only interested in Critical Role. Since Alpha costs the same as Twitch but gives them bonus content related to that show (enchanced version of the Twitch stream/videos + afterstream talk show), most will switch over to Alpha after their current subscription is over. I predict that once a critical mass of subscribers has switched, Legendary will pare down the Twitch channel to just Critical Role, maybe with a few cheap shows to fill in the schedule.

    The future of the Geek & Sundry community spirit rests in the hands of Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and Matthew Mercer. If they stay with Legendary, then Alpha will slowly take over, and we will become a "community" in name only. If, however, they decide that they were better off as independent creators, I believe they could quickly restart the channel under their own terms (assuming they are not hindered by a non-competition clause from Legendary).

    @Farlander Thank you for reminding me what led to the sale of Geek & Sundry in the first place. This time around, Felicia does have a potential “ace in the hole”, however: Critical Role. Matthew Mercer has stated that he and the rest of the cast wholly control the rights to it. The question is: do Felicia and Wil feel up to going through the hassle of starting a YouTube/Twitch channel again? And if so, can they convince Matthew to join them?

  • Hello all, I know I'm late to the party, but with the whole Alpha thing I wanted to give my two cents because I believe that it is important to let it be written in stone about our discomfort. NOTE: this is a repost from a comment I made to Wil's Medium post about Tabletop Season 4. 

    About the Alpha ‘thing’. I just wanted to let you now, as a fan of Tabletop (and G&S) and a student in digital marketing, that I understand perfectly why Legendary would think Alpha is such a great project to get some revenue out of Tabletop (and other shows). You have a GREAT show and they want to monetize it. Fair enough. I’m not paying, but I’m not hating the idea of having to wait either.

    The fear I have (and I believe many more will agree) is that G&S is going through so many changes that I can barely recognize the brand I used to love and for whom I traveled all the way to L.A. from Barcelona to try and be a part of. I came here to study marketing and, eventually, be able to work for and with people as amazing as you, Felicia, Matt and Ivan. I’m afraid G&S will change so much that it will no longer be the place that believes in what I believe, that shares my perspective on all geek and everything sundry.

    I’m afraid Alpha is the start of something I will not be identified with anymore. I’m afraid is taking away something vital in my relationship with the brand. I’m afraid I will lose the sense of belonging I had with the awesome G&S community.

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