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Ahoy, Hoomans!

There are many things to look forward to in 2016. North America will have a shiny new president to make shiny new promises. Movies like Warcraft and Dawn of Justice will grace our silver screens.

But most importantly, there will be a large shift in the Geek & Sundry forums. There have been a lot of complaints surrounding the forums, and we’re looking to change platforms to improve these issues. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we are still weighing all our options. We’re doing everything we can to preserve the content of the forums, and our dedicated moderators are participating in archiving the most active.

We’re really excited for the new horizon G&S is approaching, and we hope you’re on board, too! Thanks to all our amazing community members, and we hope the holidays treat you all well! <3



  • When you do archive and preserve certain content, can you please preserve the Secret Santa thread?  This will make it much easier to start it up again in 2016.  In case you can't, I'll have my elves copy and paste it into a document file, too, as a back-up.  Thanks for all the hard work!  It helps you stay on the nice list!
  • Huzzah! :) Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for the forum! A lot of people find there way here one way or another so it's great to see G&S taking genuine care of it <3
  • I'm sure for some change is scary, and for others it's as good as a holiday...

    I love these forums, and I do think that they've become a little livelier recently thanks to the support from G&S and all of the #TeamHoomans coming here in addition to Twitch.

    We really would love to be able to preserve most of the threads (well, the useful, recent and popular ones[1]) so I hope that is technically feasible.

    [1] I suspect if there's a thread somewhere with a single post about a Kickstarter that ended in 2013, it can probably go....
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    Any chance G&S forums will be coming to Tapatalk soon? Last I saw was a request for it in 2012. This forum is great, but not mobile friendly (had to use a laptop just to post this!). Please come to Tapatalk!
  • Thank you for undertaking this !  
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    Hey @Zuffy, nice to hear from you! 

    No news yet, the bulk of the bigwigs are busy with our new shoot, but I will press them for answers when I see them next :)
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    Fun times in the neighborhood.  Any word on what platform?

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    Hi @Evon_SkyFyre, still working on which platform, will keep you posted!
  • And this is why I only check in on the forums every few months... congrats G&S, you killed your own platform.

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  • I feel your pain Zuffy......
  • I think we may have to face it - these forums are dying, if not already dead. G&S's fanbase has moved elsewhere, and wherever it is, it's not somewhere I plan to follow.

    I'll still watch Co-optitude and Signal Boost on Youtube (and Tabletop, whenever that starts) but given that most of G&S's content is now on Twitch which has a big barrier of entry for people not in the US (mostly in terms of the "live" factor), I've a feeling it's going to slowly fade away for me.

    I'll probably still follow Felicia's career, but given she hasn't appeared much on G&S stuff recently, we can probably say it's no longer her pet project, even if she's still technically at the helm.
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    You know, I thought about curing Cancer, but there would still be eleven other horoscopes to plague us, so why even bother? - Farlander
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    Hey, those who remain. 

    I wish it were as easy as "oops, we lied". As though we knew when we were keeping hope alive that G&S would be changed in radical ways. There was information that we were not privy to, that Legendary Digital had not fully formed at that time, that prevented anyone from knowing what the "truth" was. 

    Geek & Sundry's brand was acquired, and, in Acquisition 101, certain behaviors of the parent company are to follow. I am one of 3 remaining tried and true Geek & Sundry employees. The focus of our parent company is on a platform titled "Alpha", which aims to bring their two most dominant brands under one fun-loving subscription platform. You may have heard about. There is a lot of optimism from above about how this may pave the way for the future of the audience, provide a cleaner viewing experience, and a bunch of perks that include forums and community. 

    But there is not consideration in the conversation for the members of our community who were here from the beginning and utilize these forums. 

    Would any of you like to have the community manager of Alpha pop in for a Q&A? 
  • No need for a Q & A (it would probably be a single question, anyways). How about just posting the new Twitch schedule on the home page so that it's easy to find, instead of an imgur link which appears once in a while in chat? It would be even better if you could include a short statement explaining the change in schedule.

    And a final suggestion: Close down all the forums which are no longer relevant, and only keep one or two, so that the community can congregate and have more interactions with each other and with Legendary representatives.
  • I am shocked someone, after a year of silence, actually posted...

    I am also shocked that this was the best they could come up with. Your best bet at this point? Close the forums... I hate to say it, but this place is unsalvageable due to the mismanagement of G&S.

    I know how bitter I sound right now, but I feel extremely let down by a company I have thrown so much support behind.

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    Hey everyone, sorry for the short notice but I just learned there will be an AMA on Twitch with the CEO of Legendary Digital and the Alpha Community Manager at 2:30pm PST. I will also ask the Community Manager to jump on here soon.
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    The "Ask Me Anything" was actually on Reddit, not Twitch, and mostly involved Adam Rymer (president of Legendary Digital Networks) and Rachel Romero (director of marketing for LDN). Courtney Kraft (community manager for Alpha) only gave one or two answers.

    Here is a bullet point summary of the event, which lasted about 2 hours:
    - Twitch subscribers to Geek & Sundry and Nerdist as of Wednesday (September 28) will get free access to Alpha for 6 months
    - 30-day free trial for everyone else (unsure if that's permanent or limited to the launch period)
    - Alpha will be available on desktop and iOS at launch, with Android coming soon after
    - They are partnering with a company called VRV to roll out to other platforms afterwards
    - Alpha will be available worldwide at launch
    - Content will cover the following categories:
      1) Live shows simulcast elsewhere (in other words, Critical Role)
      2) Existing YouTube shows which will premiere on Alpha, and then be uploaded to YouTube after some delay (first quarter of 2017 for TableTop; 48 hours for Co-Optitude, Because Science, etc.)
      3) New shows exclusive to Alpha, including live shows created by Alpha, and prerecorded shows created by Alpha or licensed from other companies
    - Alpha was conceived to supplement Twitch and YouTube, not replace these channels. Legendary needs an additional, reliable source of revenue to keep Geek & Sundry and Nerdist healthy and growing. Crowdsourcing this is not feasible.

    Regarding CRITICAL ROLE specifically:
    - It will remain on Twitch in the same time slot
    - Past episodes will continue to be uploaded to YouTube / Geek & Sundry's site on Mondays
    - It will be simulcast on Alpha with enhanced graphics (animation, etc.)

  • @corlolls, that's a very handy summation, and I say that as someone who scrolled through a lot of reddit trying to pick out relevant facts from the massive wall of text composed of questions and grievances.  So thanks for that!  :}

    I believe I did also see (though I can't cite the reference) a sort of reluctant concession from one of the Legendary reps that there would be a free six-month trial of Alpha extended to current G&S Twitch subscribers, and possibly Nerdist, too, though I didn't pay as much attention to that part.  It was reluctant only in the sense that they were planning to make that announcement official in a few days, and were dropping it early just to try to stave off some of the animosity and uncertainty that deluged the AMA.  It did get some positive responses, from what I read.  

    @VirginiaApplejack, I can see that the Geek & Sundry staff is stretched pretty thin, with such a small number of people maintaining a website and (I'm guessing) a bunch of other stuff.  Now that you have a clearer idea of Legendary's plans for Alpha, can you tell us anything about what that will likely mean for the Geek & Sundry website, or its forums, going forward?  Are there any plans for updates, debugging, new initiatives, reboots, or further downscaling?  
  • @Farlander The offer you mention is the first bullet point in my summary. I think I'll bold it just to be sure other people don't miss it. :-)
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    @corlolls, I can't believe I dodged that bullet!  I didn't even see it whiz by me, I was so busy trying to slow down the Matrix enough to make all the other bullets hover to a stop.  Pardon my redundancy, and may I just add that I unnecessarily repeated what you had already said more succinctly, or, to put it another way, I vaguely belabored an elegant point set forth in better form, by which I mean to say I may be getting out of hand with this recursively absurd and increasingly meaningless sentence.  :P

    Seriously, though, your condensed version of the news to date is what Legendary should be posting everywhere, just for clarity.  

    @Zuffy, I see where you're coming from.  Since the announcement of the Legendary takeover at Geek & Sundry, there's been not a lot to cheer about over here.  I can't tell if that's entirely down to their management strategy and relative disinterest in things like this forum, or if the advent of the Twitch channel splintered the community and redirected it away from the website.  

    I guess what I mean is that I don't feel as confident in the total causality of the relationship between the disintegration of the website and the acquisition by Legendary.  If, for instance, we imagine an alternate timeline where there was no Legendary partnership/buyout, I'm not certain that the decline of Geek & Sundry wouldn't have just led to its collapse by now.  They were having difficulty with funding, which is why they went to an indiegogo campaign to finance the third season of TableTop.  My impression of that process suggests that it was a lot of trouble to manage, and no one was eager to repeat that route for future endeavors, although I could be mistaken.  The original YouTube partnership and other sources of funding for G&S had ended.  Felicia fished around for lots of possible sources and settled on Legendary as the best option.  Maybe she's not happy with how it's turned out now.  I don't know.  As you point out, we aren't seeing her posting a video full of enthusiasm and endorsements for Alpha, and that is a very telling absence, considering how pretty much every other initiative or new programming shift in Geek & Sundry has been announced in the past.  

    But as far as Alpha goes, I'm just considering it a big unknown.  They've stepped on an awful lot of toes among the Twitch fans, just with their initial release announcement.  That's certainly not making a good first impression.  I'll withhold judgment until I see what it actually looks like, though, and whether, over several months, it becomes a platform for stuff I'm interested in, or not.  While there is clearly a lot of PR damage control spin going on right now in an effort to bandage some of those bruised and broken toes amongst the fans, I did take note of their stated interest in providing reliable funding for new shows in the mold of the Guild.  If (and it's a big IF) Felicia and others are able to make good use of that platform as a creative outlet, I'm willing to consider going along for the ride.  We'll see.  
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    The situation is a shape-shifting beast. There is a continuous conversation occurring at the moment amongst the Alpha team as to the best way to approach this situation.

    Currently, I, a personal assistant to Felicia, and Rob, Editor-In-Chief, remain as employees of Geek & Sundry. I am participating in these conversations because no one else is. I am not sanctioned to answer any questions, nor am I privy to any insight or decisions. 

    Rob is focused on keeping his dozens of writers organized and contributing. We are both in the "do our job until the lights go out" mode. 

    Legendary has posted to fill the positions that have been emptied. Felicia will be approving all hires. They still intend to have humans that represent the brand. 

    I will do my best to respond, but sadly, the majority of the time will be me saying "I dunno."

    Working on getting the community manager in here, but honestly, they're feeling a little battle-worn and need to gather their strength before returning. I would use the AMA linked above as your best source of information for now.
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