Is anyone watching Heroes Reborn?

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I am. And I need to talk about it, but I don't know where to find other people who are watching it. Dammit. 
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  • I am. I was one of those poor saps who watched all of the original Heroes. And I mean all of it, even the sucky sucky seasons. Season one made me go "This is the best genre show of <year>" (2007? I seriously can't remember which year it started). Although S1 dragged a little towards the end as they padded it out to 24 episodes, it was still pretty good. S2 was where it started to suck - Nathan, Peter and Sylar all should have died, they brought back Ali Larter as a new character which was pointless, and the writer's strike hit it hard. They never really recovered. (Although being introduced to David Anders as an actor was good, he's been in quite a few genre shows now and is usually quite excellent).

    So now, to Heroes Reborn. We gave it a shot, and I think the fact that it's only 10 episodes has helped, because they're keeping the story tight. At first, I wondered where everything was going as several of the characters seemed to have no connection, but the last two episodes (June 13 Parts 1 & 2) have helped to clear a *lot* of that up, and it seems we may have all of the disparate stories meet up together for the big climax. So it's pretty good. I do like how they focussed on new characters (with the exception of Noah Bennett) and the old faces are pretty much cameos.

    I think Heroes (the original) would have worked a lot better as an anthology series, where the cast (mostly) changes each season, and each season has a self contained story. Maybe if Heroes Reborn comes back, they'll do that rather than keep bringing back characters who don't really have anything more to do, so much so they have to change their powers to stop them from becoming OP (Peter Petrelli, Sylar)

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    I watched all of the original Heroes, too. And while I thought each season was worse than the one before it, I don't think I ever actually disliked any of the seasons. And I also don't think I liked the first season as much as most people did, even though I definitely liked it more than any other season. (Oh, and I was just thinking, if I ever meet David Anders, I'm going to ask him how many characters who cheat death one must play before obtaining immortality in real life.)

    Heroes Reborn: actually, I believe it's 13 episodes, not 10. But still short enough. I liked it when it started, because we get to know some new characters, which is always promising (whether or not the promise always pays off). I guessed the truth about Miko pretty early on, and I'm glad I was right about her, though I'm also kind of sad. Meanwhile, I had been starting to feel a bit underwhelmed as the weeks went by, though not to the point of actually disliking the show. I always assumed it would all tie together in the end, and the June 13 episodes definitely made that seem more likely. Although I'm confused as to whether Hiro and Noah have actually created a second timeline, or whether it's all supposed to be a single timeline, with their time travel creating a predestination paradox. If that's the case, it makes me see the scene where Anne gives baby Nathan to Hiro in a whole new light. (TBH, I suck with faces, so at the time I didn't realize who she was, I just thought she was a random nurse who was acting a bit strangely.) But if she was handing her son to a man who was not a complete stranger, but a younger version of the man she'd lived with for the past 15 years, that scene is suddenly SO much more awesome. And yet, if it IS a single timeline, that means Quentin was playing Noah (and Hero_Truther) the whole time. More importantly, it means Rene is still dead, whereas if it's a new timeline, he might still be alive. But if he IS dead, considering the things he told Noah, it must mean that Noah is going to go back in time AGAIN, and get his memory erased a second time, by Rene instead of Caspar. (Which will make it so much more tragic, after Noah specifically told his past self to use Caspar in order to save Rene's life.) But the thing I'm most wondering is... if by some chance these episodes DID create a second timeline, then how did Nathan and Malina get to 1999 in the original timeline?
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