Shows That Should be Available on Blu-Ray, but aren't.

I'm a big fan of much older sci-fi. fantasy, and psycho-thrillers, like Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and so on. But I wonder why there hasn't been someone's passion project to bring these fantastic stories and shows to Blu-Ray. It's hard enough to even find a quality DVD version of Night Gallery. 

So I wonder, what TV shows do you think deserve that cleaned up look and release on Blu-Ray?


  • In the lines of the genres mentioned, I would love to see:
  • A lot of the older shows probably don't need to be redone on BluRay because their quality would look *awful* without special remastering (which costs a lot of money). DVDs should be sufficient for anything shot before about 2005 because even the original footage probably wouldn't transfer to super high-quality digital with any discernable difference to DVD quality.
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