thoughts on Episode 1 of Season 6?

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Just watched the 1st episode of Season 6 and was curious as to what others thought about it.

After 5 seasons, a new intro was inevitable but im just not sure how I feel about it yet...the old intro tune had a quaint charm about we have an electric guitar with some very Kenny G sounding background brass. The animations were a good touch though...kudos for that.

Codex working for The Game is sure to be chock full of hijinx with Floyd being the looney tune he is... now we just have to see how quickly The Game's other employees burn her at the stake for Floyds enthusiasm for her new position

The Mike Morhaime cameo was priceless by the way

The Guild - Season 6


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  • Ye I was unsure about the music but im like that every time something is changed that im familiar with, so with that in mind im going to like and not worry about it, change is inevitable so ill roll with it. 

    So I thought it was a great start to the series, I have never been apart of the webisodes, I have watched it all on Netflix so im enjoying seeing them individually, I will take more of it in I think, it certainly leaves you wanting.

  • I liked the new theme, though it lacks the fantasy element of the old one.

    I'm wondering if Codex has met her neurotic match in Floyd...
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  • I liked the animation for the new theme, but I miss the old music.

    My favorite part of the episode was probably when Codex first walked into the game offices and the camera was panning around at all the cool things like the dragon and her avatar's outfit and it was just like, wow this is perfect for her.
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  • I like the way the already established characters are having new characteristics already brought into play. And thank you soooooooo much for bringing back Bruiser!! That makes me so hard right now! .... ZOW!! 

    I don't know about the electric guitar in the opening credits but, like LUCY, I'm sure it's just familiarity issues and I'll learn to love it.  ZOW!! M.F.!!
  • I really liked the episode. Vork's line about the toilet paper was probably the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.   
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    Well, nothing beats a first day at your dream job and instantly being set up to be hated by everyone. Strangely enough, that's what people told me it would sometimes be as a contractor. Also instantly reminds of me of Ender's Game.

    Is it coincidence, or is Felicia deliberately hinting at how game development seems like a much cooler job from the outside (depending on the developer/publisher involved)?
  • Every job seems to sound cooler than it is.  Point though is to do what you love and it won't feel like work.  Having good people around you is also key.  But in general, the turnover in that particular industry is pretty high.

    Production value this season looks to be much greater than past seasons.  I guess as the anchor show for Geek and Sundry they had to up the ante.

    Floyd has "boss from hell" written all over him.

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    It looks like Codex just spawned into a frag zone.

    She is a new character in a game(job). I expect we'll see the story follow the same lines of development as a new character does in an MMO since Codex relates to the world as a MMO anyway and the story is from her perspective.. That's just my take. I can't wait til Codex kicks some butt later on.
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  • Episode 1 was great! I would have preferred the old animation/theme to the new one buy hey what can you do?
    The office for "The Game" looked AWESOME!
  • I loved the animated introduction. The theme song is growing on me. I foresee an animated series. If The Guild and Record of Lodoss Wars had a baby, that would be an awesome series to watch.

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  • I liked the old intro personally, but since I'm a n00b to the Guild series it might be just the fact I've watch all previous 5 season for the first time over the last month.  The change in animation and music seemed quite drastic to me.  

    A good first episode to set up the season.  Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.
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  • I like the new intro in general. But I was a little confused at first sight and double checked the title of the video because for a few seconds I was thinking that I was watching a Johnny Quest episode. ;)
    Clara´s new hair color is not bad either. It still might take a while ´til I get used to it.
    I hope Bladezz abandons his Cheesy Pirate alter ego soon. He´s one dead meme. :D
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  • To be, i liked it as for a first episode of season six, can't wait to see how it will progress.
    The little critic, or better say though, about everything was that it seemed to loose that homemade style The Guild have. I like the new intro sound and video, and sure the more efforts in the series, but still was attached at the idea of a homemade series.
  • @ LENWE  Totally agree dude! Animated series, all the way!
  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    I'm all for the animated series. Though I'd probably want it to remain completely "in-game" for two reasons: a) to keep the shows distinct and separate and b) to avoid any story "conflicts" between them. Besides, it would be a shame to waste the fact that an animated series wouldn't have to worry about the budget.
  • I don't know @LittlePig83, Bladez looks pretty cute in that girly eyeliner. 

  • Trienco, animated series have budgets, they're not free, writers artists music dialogue, even directors
  • I'm sort of on the iffy side of the new intro, but I'm sure it'll grow on me. The animation was really good though.

    And I can't wait to see how Codex's new job works out. I love that she's set up to be hated by everyone, and I can't wait to see how she deals with it.

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    @BadCat303 I should have explained that better. Not worrying about the budget wasn't supposed to mean they are free to do, but they are free to do things, that would be absolutely impossible on a life action show. So all the fantastic aspects that would drive your FX guys into ritual suicide are basically then just a matter of drawing a dragon instead of a house (well, okay, it has to be designed and animated, so the comparison is slightly lacking).

    Point is that an animated series would allow the writers to go crazy (I'll simply assume Felicia wouldn't have time for another project, so I'm talking about "writers").
  • I loved it.

    The intro is different but it will grow on me like the old one did I am sure.

    I got to say Vork is still my favorite he is got to be the one thing I look forward to in my week. his humor is great.
    Keep up the amazing work you guys
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