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With a new season of The Guild comes a new opening title sequence! The artwork for this is done by the amazingly talented, Roque Ballesteros, of Ghostbot!

Special thanks to Ghostbot:

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  • I really liked the updated music and animation of the title sequence. It made me feel like The Guild (the show) is all grown up now :)
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    I'll probably change my mind after a few episodes (pretty much like every time there is a new Doctor), but the first impression is slightly too much electric guitar, a confusing touch of Western and a weird suggestion of Scifi (which I guess was meant to emphasize the "it's a game" part, but just makes me think of Tron).

    Yet, watching it the second time, I liked it better than the first time. After 5 years of getting used to something, it's always hard to get used to change.

    That sounds all negative, when it's mostly nitpicking. The animation as such is looking great and even with the music it's pretty much just the Western touch and the obtrusive guitar that feels wrong somehow.
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    It's great. Everybody who doesn't think so will change their minds over time. ;-)
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  • I really like the new animation of the opening titles! And I agree with the two posters above me -- although I'm not overly keen on the electric guitar, I'll be used to it soon enough. Sometimes it's hard to like big changes because you're so used to how it used to be. Eventually you realise the new version is just as good, but different.
  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    What in the world could anyone have against electric guitars? They should have thrown in some more distortion, though... and a blast beat perhaps. ;-)
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    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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  • I miss the "plinky plonky" nature of the old theme, but that's no reason not to change it. I quite like the sci-fi/Western elements (Firefly anyone?) in it, even if they don't make sense... :)
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  • Yeah love the new animations... but the sound just doesn't coincide with the flavor of the show. It loses something in translation so to speak. 
  • The thing is, the new intro *is* good, this is not a question of quality. But the old one was more "from the heart" you know, like the difference between Indie game and AAA game, both can be totally awesome but the indie one will have a special feeling to it.
  • I'm totally with you @plague but I mean I can live with the animation because it's pretty, but I just can't with the sound. 
    I guess I'll get used to it because I don't think anyone's changing it. haha. 

    Felicia tweeted me back about my it, at least she wasn't offended about it and good laugh at the whole thing. :P 

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    I'm embracing the new intro and now have the artwork set as my PC login background along with small clips of the new theme song to replace the logon and logoff sounds... too far? Oh well.
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  • I prefer the old one :-(  I suppose it's more of a computerized opening because Codex is working for The Game now?
  • I like the new music and LOVE the animation. Ghost Bot did a great job with it. It actually made me think they could do some animated shorts surrounding the Guild's adventures within the Game. You know, slaying dragons and ogres while having their usual insane discussions (voiced by the original actors, of course). Just a suggestion that I imagine would kinda fun to experiment with.
  • I personally love it! It's always pretty cool to see The guild in different forms, including fan art, and the shift in quality from the theme song is amazing.  It was a pleasant surprise upon entering season 6. =]
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    I think its long overdue for a revamp, the music was sorta tinny after 3 seasons of it  I understand the cost was probably prohibitive the first few years. Maybe some G&S folks could try their hand at making their own Guild opening sequences and send them to Felicia and Kim.Maybe by season 7 we could see a different opening for every episode? Maybe this could be next year's noncontest? Maybe give those selected copies of the season's DVD? Maybe I can shut up and go to sleep?
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  • I really like the new show intro sequence. I feel as though it goes a long way towards bringing a larger audience along the show. Great job by Ghostbot creating this amazing sequence.
  • I dun like it. But then again I'm old and crotchety. It's ok I guess. Phooey.
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  • i like the new title sequence. it is just a modern upgrade from the original.i hate it when a good show tries to change too much too fast. The Guild is something that brings me joy. i enjoy it every time i see it.the writing is genius, the acting is top notch. it is my favorite show on the web...keep up the good work.
  • I like the animations and visuals but the music dosen't meet up fit The Game
  • I have to say I'm not a fan of the new title sequence. The animation is way cool but the original theme music was better. It seems too polished now for my liking. Kind of like it's trying to be something it's not and that is a high budget animated series. It may grow on me over time but after watching 7 episodes, it still hits the ear wrong for me. I still love the series though.
  • When I first saw it I was, like, WTF is this? It's all shiney and non-indie looking and where did the cutesy 8bit game sound track go. However, it only took me two or three episode to get over the shock. In any case, I really like the new artwork and think the new art and theme music fits with the new set up in season six. The Clara artwork still bugs me though for some reason. Face doesn't 'feel' like her. Too compressed IMHO. Clara seems like a more 'open' big eyes and lips type of face to express here extrovert and rather overtly sexual persona, but given I sooo couldn't draw anything better, my opinion doesn't really count for much :D
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