Guild S6 Discussion Thread - Workplace Hi-Jinx, Potential Romance, and Burnt Socks

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Hey gang - so we already have a Season 6 thread that's been leading up to the premiere - that said, I figured it might be helpful to open a new discussion thread that's officially a 'spoiler-warned zone'.  Hence I created the current thread where we can discuss :)

As per the above note, for those who have never seen The Guild, please be forewarned that this thread will contain spoilers!

The easy way to catch up is to head over to the Geek and Sundry playlists and watch the show over there :)

Still here?  Okay, so we're mere hours away from the first episode!  And we've already got to see the trailer, which looks delectable.  Anything in there catch anyone's eye?

So much good stuff!  I'm curious to see how and why Tink has man-servants.  Any time Bruiser is on-screen, it's hilarious.  As always, I love to see Codex deal with social and/or workplace interaction in her charmingly neurotic way.  But most of all, I'm intrigued by Felicia's comment that this season will have romance in unexpected areas - so many possibilities!



  • You missed what is clearly the most important part of the new season: Cubby Day.
  • Well I have given the first episode a watch, time to mind spew

    1) The camera quality continues to improve.  At times it felt like a movie.  Well done
    2) Tink thinking she has it all figured out, then have it blow up in her face I quite enjoyed :) 
    3) Bladezz needs to grow a pair, mind you Bruiser kinda has him by that pair.  I hope to see Bladezz get him back in some way
    4) I hope to see more of confident Zaboo as the season rolls on.
    5) Making Syd public enemy #1 at "The Game" was unexpected, but a great vehicle for character development. 
    6) I often love the references to people trolling Floyd.  Seems like someone is letting a piece of herself show through in another character :)

    All in all, it's good to have you back Knights of Good :)
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    I love the new intro. Very epic sounding, like a call to battle.
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  • Despite all the tensions being set up, this feels very positive overall - I think just the fact of Codex having the new job at The Game makes this one of the most optimistic season beginnings. I like the new intro - I'm not convinced on the choice to use electric guitar, although I do see the sense of modal-feeling-theme-that-sounds-old-(or English)-on-a-particularly-modern-instrument paralleling how The Game has a presumably medieval setting but is designed for computers and the internet. And since Ghostbot did the animation, I can't help but think there should be a Guild/La Munkya animated crossover.
  • I was very happy to see Bruiser.  It looked like the Axis sans Fawkes was written out of the plot last season.  I hope the fallout of the Axis breakup is a side plot to the season.  I would like to see what trouble Fawkes caused.  (Raid guild breakups make for first class entertainment).

    On my WoW server alone, the forums erupted twice in epic outrage.  Once because a horde guild leader (Shaman)decided he wanted the hand of rag so he overrode a guildies (Warrior) winning DKP roll and took it for himself.

    Better yet, another big time guild leader lost his job, and was bumming internet from cafes and hotspots a la vork just to raid and he started selling guild assets from the bank for real cash to pay his rent and get his internet turned back on.  The forum threads were both 500+ replies long and went on for months before Bliz mods closed them. 

    If it isn't touched up on in S6, its something that should be considered down the road.  Its an arc with a ton of comedic potential. 
  • @nospoon The Fawkes one-shot comic is about what happens with the axis breakup. It's quite good imo.
  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    First Episode: Wow. Just wow.

    - It feels like the production value just went through the roof.
    - The new intro felt a little strange at first, but i already love it.
    - Mike Morhaime's cameo was really cool.
    - I love the fact that Floyd seems to be a real dick and Codex' dream job starts out as a nightmare. :-D

    Can't wait for the next episode...
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  • I loved the new intro, however like @daniel_wallace, I needed to watch it a few times before the transition settled in my brain. I miss the old one, but I feel like the show is growing and changing so I feel that it's appropriate that the opening title does too. 

    A few other things I really enjoyed include: 

    Clara's new hair color, Robin looks fabulous in dark hair. 
    Floyd's comment about Codex looking like his grandmothers couch. 
    Wiggly eating a hot pocket. 
    Love Bruiser! 
    I also love the mug Clara's latte was in, super cute (and they look like Villeroy & Boch)
    The restaurant buzzer serving as a pager 
    And EVERYTHING about The Game HQ!  
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  • I got the sense that Wiggly might mean business this time. 
  • I liked more the old intro, this has nice guitars but I don't like that style of animation.

    But man the quality of the series looked like it jumped twice as much as for the last season! I was afraid that after all the videos with Felicia on G&S I'd have problems seeing her as Codex, but the quality of the series is so professional that I had no problem with that.

    The other thing that took me by surprise is how short the episode is after I watched all 5 seasons in a row last month :)

    Oh and the "Linda Evans look" (not my term) was brutal too ;)
  • I loved the first episode - it bumps the story into gear really quickly! Offices of The Game look great too.

    With the opening - I do like the new animation, but I think the theme song may take a bit of getting used to. I think the electric guitars work, but the mariachi trumpets seemed to come out of nowhere!

    I'm sure it'll grow on me. In past, when TV shows have changed their theme music (same theme, different instruments/arrangement) it's taken a while to get used to it, but sometimes I like the new one better.
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    Where to start. Only a few minutes in and everything is shaken up, several plots set into motion and even before the episode ends I can't wait for next week. Somebody knows how you get people hooked.

    Floyd slightly reminds of a previous boss I had. The kind where people close their office doors when they hear him in the hall. Too bad everyone is in a cubicle. Still wondering where his character will go, though. Is this "real" Floyd or "boss" Floyd? Was he "public" Floyd at the con? Was he always like that? Is the company in trouble? Why are people even working for him? (Okay, probably the same answer as "why do game developers let themselves be exploited like that?")

    Random predictions and guesses (all wrong, based on my track record and lack of originality):
    -Cyd will struggle with a vague job description (like "have cool ideas") and struggle even more with being creative on demand (while keeping the entire game balanced)

    -Floyd will turn out to act like a jerk because he cares about the game and they are in some kind of trouble

    -Cyd will obviously (slowly) win people over and at some point rally them to overcome some big challenge (after Floyd drives everybody to the point of quitting)
  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    @Nospoon: "I got the sense that Wiggly might mean business this time." Now that I come to think about it: He makes a living for Clara and the kids and it seems like they live in a pretty nice house for quite some time now... so he probably can't be a deadbeat or an idiot.
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  • @Daniel_Wallace Oh I never believed that Wiggly was a deadbeat.  Its more like Clara's Jedi Mind Trick is starting to suffer from diminishing returns. 

    Each character has a comical flaw, which they overcame by banding together and using their personal strengths and their friendship to overcome.  Teaming up on the raid boss.  To make this analogy in warcraftian terms:  this season it looks like the quest calls for each player to solo an "elite" that is tailor made to attack their weakness.

    Codex - (socially awkward) must thrive alone and possibly display creativity and leadership in an environment that is already hostile to her.

    Zaboo - (codependent) The two "positive" sources of attention and acceptance he has come to rely on (Codex and Vork) are occupied which means he is going to have to find acceptance from himself or turn to more destructive sources of acceptance (Riley, his mom, 5000 energy drinks)

    Bladezz - (immature, a bit of a wuss) He is going to have to either stand up to Bruiser and establish his place at home.....or vanquish him (the more rogue thing to do).  Either way he has to man up IRL. 

    Clara - (free spirit) Looks like Clara might not be able to manipulate Wiggly out of his post convention "wrath", which means she may have to deal with responsibility, kids, marriage and the reality that you can't do what you want 24/7/365.

    Tink - (manipulator) Her situation is much like Clara's though her manipulation revolves around money, rather than time and family.  She may have to take financial responsibility and find a way to generate an honest income.

    Vork - (emotional connection) I get the sense that Vork's fantasies of being in a relationship and the reality of it are very very very far apart.  He is going to have to open up and allow an invasion of his privacy. 
  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    @Nospoon: Nice sum-up. I really never thought much about Wiggly, to be honest, but he seemed to me like a looser all the way. Less of a deadbeat but more of a wussy. Which he probably can't be outside his life with Clara. That's all I meant. :-)
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  • Can Vork write a book please? Rules for Life, Finance & Romance.

    Rule #1: Never scrimp on your lady's anal comfort!     
  • @quantumtl - haha! He totally should. People have suggested Felicia to give him a spin off, that would be awesome!! [she disagreed though. :P

  • @Ayelet :) At the very least an advice column.
  • @Nospoon, Vork's idea of what any social relationship entails is very far from RL. 

    Every woman who has set foot in Vork's house has not responded well to it. Zaboo's Mom tried to "fix" a few things and that didn't turn out well. Codex looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown if she didn't escape as soon as possible. If Vork's idea of making an effort "for his lady" involves clearing a 4x4 space for her and upgrading his TP, her reaction to Vork's place will be extremely entertaining!
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