Season 4 is when?

Ok, I have looked everywhere and I guess I missed it.  Have they announced when Season 4 starts yet?


  • Given that they're just closing submission for consideration of games soon (post was made earlier this week), I expect there will be several months before the set of games is actually decided (Wil & other producers have to play all submissions that meet their criteria, and work out which ones to use), and then they'd need to book all the guests and tee it all up...

    So I expect they might shoot it early next year, with a mid-year release.

    But that's just me guessing, I have no inside knowledge at all.
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  • VirginiaApplejackVirginiaApplejack Member, Moderator
    Because it takes some finagling to work with all the guest's schedules, and games haven't even been selected yet, it's going to be a hot minute before we can even begin to pin down a season it will launch in.

    I think Molokov is hiding under my desk, TBH.
  • Wil...the show is a lot of fun to watch! I would love to see Power Grid....I know you have time restraints but I think it would be worth it. I would also like to see Nika Harper on Season 4, she is a breath of fresh air!
  • Do we have a date for season 4?
  • The last update given was from Wil who said that they film at the end of April.... so I'm assuming June
  • No but seriously... When is TableTop Season 4?
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