So, I love the idea of more shows where folks are playing RPGs, especially if they cover several different ones over the span of the show overall.
The thing is, I was trying to watch the show on Twitch yesterday and it cuts off before it even ends. Is that going to be fixed any time soon?


  • I watched it live and really enjoyed it.  Didn't know the replay was out yet.  Thats not good if it cuts off before the end!!
  • I found that to see the whole thing I had to watch the whole day rebroadcast instead of just the TPK but it was def worth it, I'm really enjoying it
  • I missed the end of week 2.  I hope that they will start putting TPK replays up on the site.  It runs so late for me like Critical Role that I have to catch the replays for the endings.
  • I missed today's show entirely thanks to awesome Comcast issues! XD
  • I am loving the current game, can't wait to see what is selected for next month.
  • I love this, I wish it would become more of a regular show. It's also hard to find any information on it, I think it's name has changed to "No Survivors"?
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