Leveling to 50 Miner Fast

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Looking to level mining quickly so you can get in on digging up gil?  Here's some tips to get you to 50 (relatively) quickly.

First, make sure to keep your chest, legs, hands and tools up to date.  Those are the only slots that will matter for leve quests.  Next make sure you have some cordial to make things go a bit faster.  I'd recommend just grinding to 10 without using up leve quests, especially if you don't have a lot to use.  Lastly, below level 30 the Company-issue Survival Manual II from your Grand Company will make the early levels go quickly.  You can still use them at later levels if you have spare GC seals to spend, but they're not as effective due to the increase in experience needed.

The 25% Bonus Evaluation Leves
Your bread & butter for leveling are the 25% bonus evaluation leves.  If one doesn't show up at the levequest giver, do one of the offered leves and hopefully when you turn that in, an evaluation leve will be up.  Make sure you let your gp gouge fill up before starting an evaluation leve and do what you can to get that 25% bonus.  The 4 node ones are best because they're quick and generally don't require the use of a cordial.

For both 4 & 8 it's best to go one level higher than the level the leve defaults at when you attempt to start it.  If you have Deep Vigor active on the last hit, use it and take the item with the lowest starting percentage.

4 Node: Start with Sharp Vision III on the first node and take all the items that started with the lowest percentage.  After that hit up Sharp Vision II on two of the nodes following (wait out the gp for one if needed) and then decide if you need to use a cordial for a sharp vision to get the 25% bonus or if you're likely to get on/over that mark skip the cordial.

8 Node:  Use Sharp Vision III on any nodes with a 10% gathering bonus active and take the item with the lowest starting percentage.  For the rest of the nodes use Sharp Vision II if you have the gp for it and take the item with the highest starting percentage (don't forget about dark vigor though if you nail all your hits).  I use one cordial per 8 node once I'm below 100 gp.

Evaluation Leve Quests by location, level and nodes.

Western Thanalan: Scorpion Crossing (X:26, Y:24)
lvl 1 - Rubble Bubble (8 nodes)
lvl 1 - Who Needs the Paperwork (8 nodes)

lvl 5 - Do They Ore Don't They (8 nodes)
lvl 5 - Vanishing Point (8 nodes)

Western Thanalan: Horizon (X:23, Y:16)
lvl 10 - We Do This the Hard Way (4 nodes) *best*
lvl 10 - Break It Up (8 nodes)

Eastern Thanalan: Camp Drybone (X:13, Y:24)
lvl 15 - The Doom That Came to Belah'dia (4 nodes) *best*
lvl 15 - A Man's Gotta Dream (8 nodes)
South Shroud: Quarrymill (X:25, Y:20)
lvl 20 - Look How They Shine For You (8 nodes)

lvl 25 - Fool Me Twice (8 nodes)
Eastern La Noscea: Costa del Sol (X:30, Y:30)
lvl 30 - I Kidd You Not (8 nodes)

Coerthas Central Highlands: Observatorium (X:26, Y:28)
lvl 35 - Mythril Madness (4 nodes) *best*
lvl 35 - Rocks for Brains (8 nodes)
Coerthas Central Highlands: Whitebrim (X:12, Y:16)
lvl 40 - Not Losing our Heads This Time (4 nodes) *best*
lvl 40 - Nature is a Monster (8 nodes)

Mor Dhona: Saint Coinach's Find (X:29, Y:12)
lvl 45 - Hybrid Hypotheses (4 nodes)  *best*
lvl 45 - Metal Has No Master (8 nodes)
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