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Hopefully the title makes sense,

But thats just it, what's good to watch right now? What am I missing out on?

I'm currently finding myself stuck for anything to watch in my downtime and im looking for a new series or some interesting movies to watch. I can be real awkward so just throw me some of your favourites that i desperately need to check out and hopefully the enthusiasm will rub off!

(I'm still real new here, I hope this is the right place for the discussion)


  • I really recommend to watch orphan black, a beautifull mystery thriller.
  • I'm not a huge watcher of TV/movies myself which I'm slowly trying to rectify! Here are some things I've watched this year which have been enjoyable: 
    • The Tudors
    • Vikings 
    • The Legend of Korra 
    • Orange is the New Black 
    • House of Cards 
    Not sure if any of those are what you're looking for. It's a bit of a mixed bag! But maybe you'll enjoy one or two of them. 

  • The new season of Gotham just started a couple weeks ago. I've been hooked on that show since the first episode. (First season's on Netflix)
  • @Xironsama @Qog @JohnRedBeard Thanks all for the suggestions I will have to check everything out, The Tudors and Gotham have been on my to-watch list for a while so I think these will be the push I need and Orphan Black just sounds interesting!
  • Have you seen channel 4's series 'Utopia'? I keep recommending it to people, even though it was produced a couple of years ago. It's still p fresh. Also, Ex Machina is a great film. They're both sort of British low-fi sci-fi.
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    I agree with @whiskeysobriety, as Utopia was hard hitting and uber relevant to cybergeeks and comic lovers. Also very much enjoyed Ex Machina despite it not being as fast as I'd hoped - the 2001'esque romantisism was nice.

    If you've not seen Mr Robot yet then get on it. Society has been hacked! A great series. I also made it through the Twelve Monkeys season 01.


    Has anyone seen CSI: Cyber yet? Also considering the new Minority Report series...

    Of course, these are all just fillers for the real big one, the new X-Files coming Jan 2016. I'm counting the days :-)
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    @B1C Oof yeah, really want to see Mr Robot too. 

    I loved the isolation of Ex Machina, and that dance sequence. Kind reminded me of the Charlie Brooker Black Mirror series. Especially the one with the humanoid bot.
  • So, I watched the pilot episode of Minority Report and it was OK. Lots of great effects and CGI given its based in 2054... but really it's just a pyschic CSI with some oddball NWO thrown in. I'll watch Ep02 anyways

  • Sorry i've ignored this thread but thanks all, thats a hell of a lot of ideas ive not even considered so I have plenty to get stuck in with.
  • Hannibal is really good and it only has 3 seasons (unfortunately). I am not into the horror genre, but this is beyond horror. It's more like a psychological thriller.
  • The Flash is rocking it!
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    @B1C, came here to say Mr. Robot! Cannot. Stop. Thinking. About. It. 

    Nice to hear you say that Minority Report has great FX, I have a friend who worked FX on that show and is doing INSANE amounts of hours. 
  • Recently Arrow with john constantine was nice, flash is pretty good, supergirl I have high hope it going to be great 
  • Been watching the usual suspects, Flash and Arrow, but also discovering slowly new shows such as Mystery, Incorporated (OMG, so much more detail in this! You need to watch it!), finally watched the first episode of Galavant, which was great!

    Looking forward to watching Minority Report, Mr. Robot, and Humans!
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