Felicia's Five New Emotes!

Hey guys! So we already have an emote thread for Felicia and Ryon, but it's got several months of activity in it.  And as Felicia now has slots available to add 5 new emotes, I figured a new thread would be easier to share and understand for any new artists who want to join the fun!

In the past, each of us would post our creations and then Felicia ended up deciding which ones she wanted to use :)

Couple of guidelines:

  • Emotes need to be in PNG format so that they support transparency.
  • Emotes need to be created in 3 different sizes: 28x28, 56x56 and 112x112 
  • Emotes shouldn't use copyrighted material.
  • Some people create their emotes using traditional image editors and some use vector graphics programs. Use whatever you're comfortable with!
For Felicia's new emotes, here's a couple of brainstorming ideas to get us started.

  • 'emote' comes from the word emotion.  So maybe there are some emotions we can capture in visual form? e.g., Felicia already has emotes for 'Rage' and for 'So Angry'.
  • Related to the above point, a lot of streamers come up with their own custom version of a 'heart' emote.  Maybe Felicia's channel should have one of those so we can share the love with one another and with her :)
  • Felicia has a set of channel inside jokes that can might be able to be weaved into an emote. e.g., ASMR, singing, use of accents, Charleston Chews, sopapillas, saying something cheeky/risque, etc.
A lot of the above may exist in the original emote thread.  So for artists who want to get their creations in front of Felicia's eyes, feel free to repost your Felicia centric emotes in here! (e.g. @Bloody_Albatross).

I'll be spreading this thread around on social media and in chat. Let's have some fun!



  • panzipanzi Member
    edited September 2015 PM

    Ok, reposting all of my emotes that weren't taken by Ryon, that have no alternative by Jon West that was already taken and that still have relevance (so e.g. nothing about bad audio). You can still find all of my emotes here.

    Ain't got no car





    An alternative to Heal.


    Bee Hive


    Broken Leg

    Another alternative to Heal. With or without shadow?




    Chariot (Dad)




    Coffee Mug

    Because of Felicia's songs about coffee on snapchat.




    Pixel Art

    I think the middle version is the best.




    Fist Him!


    Better version:







    With text, without text, without text and disintegrating.



    The first is unfinished because I realized it's too tiny. The second isn't big enough either. Is a street apple better than a wall chicken?




    Level Up!


    Level Up! (Mario)


    Looser Candy

    I called it "Loser Candy" to prevent copyright issues. I don't think we have Charleston Chew here in Austria so I worked of images from Google Image search. I made a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry version and from each I also made a pixelated version.

    Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry

    Here you can download the ZIP files that include all images separately, including the SVG "source":

    "Loser Candy" is not just appropriate in the context of Felicia's Twitch, it is also a reference to this.
    Maybe I should have called it "Mr. Adequate-Bar". :)


    Another alternative for Heal.



    Could also be "classy".



    Pixel Art





    Quest Item

    I.e. an item that is needed to complete a certain quest and can't be left somewhere in a dungeon on a pressure plate.




    So Good! (Trophy)

    Is the red text better readable?


    So Good! (Felicia)


  • panzipanzi Member
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    West Side Zombie

    Probably no longer relevant after the Grimrock stream ended.


    Tried to improve the shading. Don't know if this is at all an improvement:


    W(h)iffle Ball

    "Wiffle Ball" is a trademark, so lets call it "Whiffle Ball".

    Pixel Art




    Better contrast for white backgrounds:




  • You can see all my emotes here, but here are my favorites:

    Bees in the trap:
    image image



    I can make the larger versions of these when I get home if people like them!
  • RustyRusty Member
    edited September 2015 PM

    Okay, only one of my emotes from the old thread is still relevant to Felicia's streams: 

    Question: image image image

     Actually this was a "collaboration" with @Zuffy, meaning I stole borrowed the head that he made and added the speech bubble. I'll see if I can come up with some new ideas.

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  • RustyRusty Member
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    I'm still a bit sad your arguing/expletive emote didn't get chosen @Zuffy! So good.

    EDIT: A quick stab at a generic book to stand for #NeverWeird:

    image image image

    Looks worse the larger it is though, I think it'd work best as a vector. *cough* @Panzi *cough*

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  • Here's one for ASMR voice.
    image   image   image
    So, I've never made emotes before, and I was trying to pixel paint them in Photoshop... but can someone let me know: Does the resolution stay high in vector or is it rasterized on display?
    The above icon was from a sketch I started off like this:
    and I think I can just use vector art to make it less pixel-ly.
  • @Zuffy: I should've clarified: that one was my favourite of yours.

    I like that book emote too, I wasn't sure what to do with the pages of mine but "NW" is a nice idea. How does it look at the larger sizes?

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  • This is my take on 'Whiffin' it Chocolate'

    image image image

    I thought of adding a skull and crossbones would signify that it's bad and distasteful. It's pretty rough at the moment so I'll polish it later.

    Also here is an unused emote I submitted for Ryon's channel.

    image image image

    Originally it's supposed to signify Fat Stacks. Now it's just called 'One Gold'. It looks insignificant and meaningless on it's own, but imagine the chatroom lights up with this emote. There could be around.. oh i dunno.. roughly 6000 of it on screen in one go :P

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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @Panzi - so much good stuff collected in there!

    @Babrooster - I adore the Poopgate one!

    @Rusty, @Zuffy, @Hitoshi - great work as always!

    So in an attempt to teach myself how to use vector editing programs, I took a stab at the Codex Orb embedded into a heart, as a lot of streamers seem to have custom heart emoji's :)

    I may work on it more, as I'm not sure the smallest size is intelligible enough...

  • @torontogal Looks great already! What program do you use? I use Inkscape for vector, GIMP for pixel and Blender for 3D graphics.
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
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    Thanks @panzi! I also ended up using Inkscape for the vector-heart as it's open-source - it was my first time trying it, so it was a fun experiment!  Thanks for the kind words :)
  • @Zuffy That looks great!

    I never really used any other vector program than Inkscape. I use Linux, am pro open source and don't do any advanced stuff anyway, so Inkscape is fine. Well, I used Sodipodi (the predecessor to Inkscape) and once at work I had to edit a logo on a Mac using Illustrator. I couldn't figure out things that are simple in Inkscape: Crop the page to size of the drawing plus N pixels border, then export this as a PNG file with given width and height in pixels. The exported image was always an A4 page at a resolution out of my control. Had to crop and scale it in a pixel editing program. Another nice thing about Inkscape is that it lets you do everything in the unit you want to use (m, cm, mm, ft, inch, pc, pt, pixels) so I could also use it for the alternate book cover.

    Another raster based image editor I mean to try is Krita (also open source of course - might work better on non Unix/X11 than GIMP). But for what I do I guess GIMP is good enough.

  • Firstly, I tried to adjust the tiny icon for the ASMR so it reads better:
    image image image

    Lastly, I wanted to show you guys this emote idea, too:

    image image image

    I'm really sorry this goes head to head with our beloved Toronto-gals suggested emote, which I am just now seeing on this thread. Especially because @torontogal was the one who suggested the original emote concept in the first post to this thread and that's what made me think of it:

    • Related to the above point, a lot of streamers come up with their own custom version of a 'heart' emote.  Maybe Felicia's channel should have one of those so we can share the love with one another and with her :)

    I based it on the Flog icon, which I imagine Felicia has the rights to, but that might be a deciding factor if she needs to get rights from the original designer.I think the tiny one may need a bit more work though.

  • What about a "rewind" emote? Not only it will be for Life is Strange but for everytime someone wants to tell Felicia to reload to a previous save?

    And one for when Felicia is singing?

    I don't know how to make emotes myself, so I'm just giving some ideas...
    "Do What thou wilt"
  • panzipanzi Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    The only thing I could come up for rewind would be two triangles pointing left. ◀◀
  • panzipanzi Member
    edited October 2015 PM

    I sloppily hand traced this CC-BY-SA image by Holger Ellgaard for this emote. Does this count as derivative work? Is a CC-BY-SA license ok for the emotes?

    image image image image image image

    image image image image image image image image image

    This can be used in the context of ASMR or "radio voice".

  • Tried a few emotes for doing accents:

    image image image image image image image image image

  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    So many good additions! @Zuffy, @Iffrithiel if Felicia decides to use a heart emote, I adore the ones both of you created!

    @panzi - masterful work as always - I think the mic should be fine under creative commons, as your work is a remix of the original, and creative commons allows for sharing :)

    So here's my quick stab at an 'Embrace Your Weird' emote :)

  • @torontogal That emote is great!
    Hmm, in dark mode the emote is rendered on a dark background (#19191F). In that case the "Embrace" is a bit hard to read. You could maybe add a 1px border with the color #F2F2F2 (the color of the bright twitch chat background).
  • @Zuffy I played around with Cubic and Sinc (Lanczos), but I can't really see a difference, so I usually just use the preset (Cubic). For pixel art I do the same as you (start at 28x28 and use nearest neighbor scaling method).

    Felicia and the raccoon look great in your emote, but I can't make out what's that under the heart?

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