Co-Op Scenarios?

Anyone else want to see them do the Galactus (Old or New) or Spectre scenarios? 


  • Would be a cool scenario. I think they usually ask the guest if they have a preference and try to build a theme around that.

    I'd like to see a DC vs Marvel scenario, maybe with the superheroes people think are equivalent on either side. Hector's nerd litmus asks who would win between Hulk and Superman. Lets see it happen.

  • I missed the first few episodes of Group Hug, but I have to say, from what I've seen, I want to know how to play so bad. Watching them only confuses me though. =P
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    Do you have a local game shop? Someone there can probably take you though the steps. It's not too hard when you actually sit down and play.

     I am a judge and player in AZ. It's a fun game and worth learning if you have an interest. I've been playing since the game started (mage knight roots) and a judge since the second marvel set. 
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