Fear The Walking Dead- Any Good?

I know a lot of people are burned out on The Walking Dead, myself included. Is there anyone who slathered on some sunscreen and soaked in some Fear rays? Waddya think? 


  • @VirginiaApplejack  I guess the show isn't bad. It takes the, IMO, overdone story of a zombie apocalypse and manages to twist it in a different direction. It's at least dissimilar enough to The Walking Dead to keep me sort of interested for now (as of episode 4). If they manage to twist things even further it might become really fun to watch, have to wait and see on that one though.
  • @VirginiaApplejack I'd have to say I'm not sold, I think it is brilliantly done and some of the tense scences can be really.. tense! but they are just too few and far between. its definitely perfect if you are a fan of something slower and its definitely a much more realistic and dramatic take.

    But for me its just not the walking dead, there seems to be no risks and no real action going on.
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