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I'm new to watching the Geek and Sundry Twitch stream and never used Twitch at all before checking out Felicia's solo streams in the past couple months.  The other day I was watching Critical Role for the first time and was confused by the chat, because the text was coming so fast and furious that it was scrolling off screen much faster than I could read it.  Yet, it seemed like people were having conversations as if they could read what each other were saying.  Was wondering if there is another way to see the chat other than the default method that allows people to read the chat more easily during such popular times?  Just a minor confusion -- thanks for reading and thanks for the shows!


  • I think regular Twitch chatters must develop some sort of specialized psychic powers to follow that blurring wall of comments when the channel is overflowing. I'm pretty amazed at the conversations that manage to stay afloat in that current, myself. I think the trick is selective awareness, because whenever I venture a comment, it usually takes me a minute or two to compose my thoughts, by which time dozens or hundreds of new comments have flashed by. Many times, I have had to scroll back up the register to see if I missed a reply or comment from the line of conversation I was trying to follow. Mostly I just tune out of chat if there are too many people active, though. I don't think there are any filters to help with reading the chat, but you might be able to see it more clearly in a pop-out window.

    I'm also impressed with the hosts' ability to pick out any single comment to respond to, when it's busy. Maybe they have bionic eyes with a screenshot/playback function. :}
  • Thank you very much, Farlander and Zuffy, for the great and informative replies!  A lot of good thoughts on the subject. Now I know it's not just me being a slow old fogey!
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