second part of making trinket armour

Hello   ^_^     I can't find this on the twitch channel...........    is there a link anywhere I can follow?

Thanks    ^_^


  • Hi, @kittenpoker.  I distinctly recall Jessica saying that they were going to put this on the website, but I don't see it anywhere here among the shows, yet.  Possibly they are doing some editing work before posting it on Geek & Sundry, or maybe they've just got a backlog of stuff to do and only so many people to get it done.  You definitely want to see all the Jess & Stef marriage vows and Evil Ted's sweet dance moves (if those are in the cut), in addition to the very cool hands-on demo of how to build a foam armor set.  I hope it'll be available soon.  

    There are some clips on Twitch, like this one.  I just don't see full episodes for the last two Trinket-armor Mines'n'Crafts shows.  
  • Yeah...   they may be waiting to finish it all before putting it up here....  editing and such....   so that could be some time

    Managed to find a replay on last weeks but can't see this weeks one on the list at the side anywhere   :op
  • VirginiaApplejackVirginiaApplejack Member, Moderator
    Hmm, thanks @kittenpoker, I'll take a look into this and see about getting it up on the site. 
  • Awesome   ^_^   Thankyou   ^_^
  • In case anyone else is looking for this it's at the start of the weekly replay:

  • VirginiaApplejackVirginiaApplejack Member, Moderator
    Hi @ kittenpoker, sorry for the delay- looks like you got what you needed, but just in case, there's also this juicy link:

    If you ever need something like this in the future, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] <3
  • Thankyou   ^_^
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