Another take on the War of Light team.

Just finished watching this week's episode and had an alternate team that could go up against the Black Lantern. This team is based on the second half of Blackest Night when the head of the 7 Lantern corps united to take on the Black Lanterns. This team Includes

WOL 102 Hal Jordan 160 Points
         /w Shield COnstuct 8 Points
WOL 101R Sinestro 160 Points
WOL 109 Larfleeze 200 Points
WOL 111 Saint Walker 115 Points
WOL 112 Atrocitus 160 points
WOL 113 Indigo-1 90 points
WOL 114 Star Sapphire 100 Points
Total Points: 993
Theme Team: New Guardians

While this team remains thematic it still brings a variety of powers to the table. Larfleeze can generate additional characters to tie up weaker characters and lay down barrier that Larfleeze can attack through. Hal, Star Sapphire and Sinestro make for some powerful range attacks while Atrocitis can get right into someone's face and start dishing out his special poison damage. Plus with Saint Walker and Indigo-1 providing support this team can be ready to face down the black lanterns. Also remember for Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Star Sapphire and Atrocitus' special traits will work on themselves since characters are still friendly to themselves and the trait does not say other characters. So you get extended range, defend, support, and some extra poison damage.
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