Identify Interlude Music

Hey, Community!

My quest for today revolves around episode 21 of the Critical Role show, "Trial of the Take - Part 4".
I don't know who it was, but someone put on a pretty badass chiptune song shortly before the break for our esteemed voice actors ended. I would very much like to know what that was, so I can find the song online and purchase the album. 

If you have any idea what the song is called or have the means to find out, I would be super thankful for your help!

Your Xamos.


  • Most, if not all, of the stuff they play during the interludes is from a site called
    I the one that, I think, you're referring to is a remix of a tune from Kirby's Dreamland 2 and is titled Breakbeat Forest.
    You can find all of the remixes on youtube (along with DL links to the website)

    Happy Hunting!
  • OMG, I posted this ages ago, and didn't even know there was a response! PWJB, thank you so very much!
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