TableTop S4 Submissions!

Here at the office, I'm the gal in charge of building Excel sheets for game submissions. It's pretty rad to get the first look at these submissions, and I love me some Excel sheets.

Anyway, if you haven't already chimed in elsewhere, or even if you have, this is the place to voice your opinion! Tell me what's keeping you awake at night :)


  • Fantastic four player games, you say?

    Space Cadets by Stronghold Games
    Galaxy Trucker by CGE
    Zombicide (Black Plague) by Cool Mini or Not 
    Wasabi! by Zman Games (fantastic game for families, BTW)

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    Yessss! Thanks @thatterigirl! I recognize some of those from the submissions, so I can tell you definitely have your finger on the pulse of the community. :)
  • I just got done playing The Castles of Mad King Ludwig last night, and it is a lot of fun. You bid on rooms and build out a sprawling, nonsensical castle with various bonuses for types of rooms, what they're next to or not next to, and various other goals. The castles you create can be quite entertaining, like when you wind up having to walk through the master bedroom to get to the kitchen on your way to the dungeon. 1-4 players, about 90-120 minutes to play.
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    Dead Men Tell No Tales - by Minion Games

    A fun cooperative dungeon building game where you and your crew of pirates need to loot a ship you just scuttled - but only after you board you find out the ship is cursed.

    You must not only deal with the fact that the ship is on fire and can explode at any time, there are deckhands to avoid as well as skeletons and spirits to fight in order to earn treasure. 

  • Hey there, I'm a huge fan so I thought i'd make a few suggestions.

    Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    It's a sandbox Space adventure game and a ton of fun. The only limitation I see may be game length. Since things like Mice and Mystics have been on the show however, I don't see it as being a big obstacle. Twilight Imperium it is not, so don't worry about it being overly complex.

    Dominant Species
    It's a mix of worker placement and area control wrapped in a very thematic package. The strategy aspect is a bit high but not overwhelming. I usually have no problems introducing new players to this game.

    Egyptian themed war and area control game that lets you summon giant scorpions and scarab beetles to fight for you. It's not really that heavy a game and it's beautiful to look at. In addition, it does not get bogged down like some war games like risk do, so perfect to fit the runtime of a show.

    A fairly light card game in which players build a civilization and it's technologies from the ground up. It is probably the lightest game I listed and it a ton of fun.

    Cosmic Encounter
    A game of diplomacy which centers around galactic conquest using very unique and varied alien races.

    Even if you guys don't film any of my suggestions, I hope you still check out  the games I mentioned out on your own. Each of them is a blast to play, and our gaming group has gotten dozens of hours of fun from each.

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    Hi VirginiaApplejack! You have an awesome job.

    Any update on when we'll know who makes it?
  • The one we've kept coming back to is Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, fantastic!! Great re-playability, love the secret character component so you never quite know everyone's game objectives and the artwork and character cards from the Terry Pratchett universe are superb! (Don't know if Pratchett is an author who is particularly well known in the U.S. but if not he should be!) I think the game still works nicely even if you're not a fan but the extra details of you've read the books are ace ^_^
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    Hi @Kbexa! It's a little ridiculous that I have this job, but so far no one has called me out on it. I'll let them think this is "work" for a little while longer. 

    Wil came in and played a 2nd exhaustive round of games last week, I think we still have another 2-3 test meetings to run through. The man himself talks about it here.
  • @Winkylikespencils Great to hear you like Discworld, and the Ankh-Morpork games. As is probably obvious from my avatar, I'm a big fan :)

    Have you tried the other Discworld board games? Thud, Guards! Guards!, The Witches and most recently, The Clacks. To be honest, I think A-M is the best of them, but I haven't had the chance to play very much of The Clacks yet to make a full determination.

    On a side note: Are you aware of Discworld Conventions? There's one in the UK this year (sold out) but others happen around the world in intervening years - I'm running the next one in Australia (August 2017 - ) - but they recently announced a new one in the US for 2017 - no dates or places yet, but keep your eye on
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  • Thanks! Great update.

    Keep up the hard work ;)
  • Ha, no, had no idea there were Discworld cons! Will have to look into that for next year. Tbh only just started looking into conventions in the UK; we're way out in the sticks and very rarely get time off work to go away for a few days! Have my eye on going to some board game cons this year
  • From Wil's twitter:

    "Tomorrow, we're testing Kingsburg, Castles of Burgundy, Thunderbirds, and Harbour for S04 of . "

    He's also playing Champions of Midgard today. He's also mentioned one or two others on his blog that are definitely in the mix, but I can't recall what they are.

    So they're in the process now of whittling the list of all submissions down to the 20-ish that will appear on Tabletop S4.
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  • I enjoy the family appeal Tabletop has, so with that in mind I think Camel Up and Colt Express would be great to see on S4
  • I suspect both those are probably on Wil's shortlist, @Jamescam. I suspect Camel Up may not make it, as it works better with more than 4 players, but Colt Express is a good candidate, for sure.
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  • Some of my favorites are already from Tabletop... Sometimes I just go to the store and say "I'll take whatever Wheaton is playing this week". There are a few though that I think have remained unvoiced. My top 5 choices would be Blood Rage, Samurai Sword, The Island, Imperial Settlers and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. I know the last one is not technically a tabletop game, but I've tried it with friends I have to say that it is an amazing and funny until the end of the line experience. 
  • I have enjoyed Tabletop, and have put some games on my purchase short list as a result ot the sessions, notably Ticket to Ride.  So what would I recommend?

    Total War.

    Just kidding... it hasn't come out yet, and because it's a Europa series wargame Wil would have trouble fitting it all on his tabletop anyway (German invasion of USSR 1941, at division/regiment/battalion level and 16 miles to the hex).  Hey, we wargame geeks are just as finicky about the nuances of the 17-pounder gun versus the vaunted 88 millimeter as D&D fans are over the best spell for a given situation.  And it can really get strange over in ASL land...

    To be honest, if I spot a new game that looks good, chances are that it's already been done... I'm that far behind.  I will mention Munchkin Oz, even though Munchkin has been covered and the Oz set has limited availability.  As an avid reader of the books, I can say that this set was well researched and presented.  I do not know if there will be an expansion, but if there is I would recommend an Ally card depicting Captain Fyter, the Tin Soldier, who would cause monsters with a penalty against Soldiers to suffer that penalty even if the munchkin who has him Is not a Solder (there are equivalent cards for the other three classes, but not this one).  And I am rambling...

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and I look forward to s4 of Tabletop.

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