Airship Planning

We finished the hull for the first airship today! Figure it's a good time for an overview of the whole airship process for everyone who's interesting in contributing.

There are four components to an airship: hull, rigging, forecastle, aftcastle.  Each component has three progress steps where we need to contribute crafted mats. 

To contribute mats click on the Fabrication Station and choose contribute materials. You'll then see what mats are needed and be able to submit them. You can submit them HQ, and this will give you more experience, but for the purpose of making the airship HQ really is not that useful. You can only submit mats for which you're high enough of a crafter to make.

When we've submitted all the required mats for that step, we will then be able to choose an option from the Fabrication Station to advance progress. To do this you have to be in a party of four crafters. It doesn't matter what level everyone is, so long as they're on a crafter. The third time we do this for each airship component will complete it and you'll be able to remove the component from the Fabrication Station which we'll store in the company chest until we have all 4 parts.

Once we have all four components, we'll use them at the Flight Control Panel to outfit and register an airship. At that point we'll have two zones we can send the airship out on what are essentially ventures. The airship will gain experience, bring back items, and discover new zones. If you want more in depth explanation for the specifics of airships go here:

The airship ventures will also bring back items we need in order to get prototypes to upgrade the ship. We upgrade these at the Schematic Board, and then we can go through the whole crafting process again. The amount of upgraded components we can put on the airship goes up as the airship ranks up.

I'll post a response to this with each component we start as far as what we'll need to craft so people can either make them or gather what we'll need to make them. From previous experience, the biggest thing we will need is darksteel ore from mining and coke from GC seal purchases. Almost every step will need these, so we'll need hundreds of each.


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