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The preface I used to play Magic almost 16yrs ago, but have played a bit of the app versions here and there throughout their incarnations. Between Spellslingers and the fact that a dedicated game store recently opened near me I've been looking at getting back into Magic. But over the years I lost track of the cards I previously owned. So in order to get back into it I'll need to start my collection back up from scratch. So what I'm wondering is what would be the best way to start? The two options I was considering were picking up one of the pre-built decks. Or to pick up 1 (or maybe 2) of the big batch of cards that CoolStuffInc sells and building a deck from those. Or is there a different option/method you guys would recommend?


  • I am by no means a Magic expert (or player), but I hear that the Event decks are possibly a good place to start.

    But I guess your best bet would be to ask the people working at your FLGS - hopefully they are into Magic (it is the game that keeps most game stores in business!) so they could probably offer some advice on where to get re-started.
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  • Hi @CMK2020,

    If it's just casual play that you want to get back into then a large collection from CoolStuffInc is a very good way to start a collection back up again. You'll have more variety to build the decks suited to your play style.

    If you want to play at a more competitive level then Standard format constructed decks are the most economical form of entry.The most recent Event decks or Clash packs @Molokov mentioned are the best way to jump in without a large financial commitment. Both Event decks and Clash pack decks are well built around a theme and include a generous amount of rare cards for the price. 

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  • I don't see why both options couldn't be utilized. Maybe get a pre-built to start with, so you know you'll have something to use and then start getting into the large collections, fat packs and deck building kits to not only enhance the pre-built you have, but also constructing your own. In my opinion, I think a pre-built would be a good starting point, because a box full of random cards might not have what you need. Plus, since you're out of practice, it'll give you a chance to get reacquainted with the game before you dive into deck building. 
  • When I got back into MTG, I did so by getting a Deck Builder's Toolkit and playing in drafts
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    In the past couple months, I started stepping back into the game. Unless you are loaded, I would not say JUMP into the financial deep-end. You need to establish how you will be playing the game. It will make a difference on where your money will be best invested.

    Magic: the Gathering is so old at this point that there are 5 primary formats you will be able to compete in at big events. These formats are:
    Legacy/Vintage (Both formats allow the majority of cards ever created to be used. Vintage has less restrictions on power cards so its harder to find it at events.)Modern (Around 2003, Magic gave its cards a comedic overhaul with the visual layout of the cards. Modern consists of all cards printed or reprinted since that time.)Standard (This consists of recent sets - always changing. This is the easiest format to find play in. is the best way to keep track of this format.)Commander [also known as E.D.H.] (This format is not common in big events but has a strong casual gathering.)Limited (You will find at most shop regular Sealed and Draft events which are a great way to build up your collection and play against people on an even playing field.)

    Cards to BUY Right NOW!

    The only cards you should consider investing money towards (individually) are the Fetch Lands which were re-printed in the set "Khans of Tarkir." While it is true these 5 lands will not be in Standard play for much longer they are staples in almost every Vintage/Legacy/Modern/Commander deck out there. Due to Zendikar Expeditions reprints, these cards have dropped to an "affordable" price range considering a play-set is 4 copies of each (20 cards in total.)

    The one thing to keep in mind is that EVERY time these cards are out of print for 5 or more years they shoot up to $30-$50 price-range versus their current $15-$30. These are a great investment.

    Building Your Collection
    In all honesty, I would recommend concentrating on Standard while getting back into the game. All the formats have their fair share of money involved but Standard has the potential to be the cheapest since most decks consist primarily of cards you can buy for about $50. The average deck sits about $75 to $150 in cost to purchase from scratch versus $200+ for Commander, $500+ for Modern, and $1000+ for Vintage/Legacy.

    The main reason I recommend starting with Standard is that is designed to be the format for newer players. First off, only the 6 most recent sets of cards are valid to build your deck around for serious play. In addition to this, you will always be able to find Draft and Sealed events for the most recent set. Which means while you are easing into the game, you can get new cards to play with at every Draft and Sealed event. Plus if you win at those events, you typically can win even more new packs.

    For those, such as myself, who try the approach of drafting to build your collection, I would recommend waiting until you hit your 3rd set in a row to look into competing seriously.
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