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Felicia plays Quidditch. She's Magic.

Well I have to admit as a non HP reader (shame...), I had no idea Quidditch was that involved. Which leads to the immediate question of how much comes from the book, and how much was extrapolated by the fans. I guess there's only one way to answer that question... Wikipedia :-)

It was also nice seeing Felicia totally dominate the trials, and I have to say I'm enjoying the decision to have multi-guest flogs this time around, as I can't help but feel that it adds a little more spice to proceedings.

Finally because Felicia asked me too. Pat, Pat.

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  • Pretty much all of that complexity comes straight from the books, with just a few modifications for muggles. For instance, in the books, it's not "get tagged by a bludger and you have to leave the field," it's "get knocked off your broom by a bludger, fall 100 feet to the ground, spend a week in the hospital."

    P.S. Ravenclaw is best house!
  • And of course, in the books, they're a) actually flying and b) the snitch itself flies, it's not attached to a player.

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    I kind of knew about the whole flying thing :-)

    But that is interesting to learn about the Snitch. It definitely felt like the most "broken" part of the rules set, and I would imagine that in the books, its far more difficult to catch, and possibly even a super-rare occurrence?

    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

  • It's harder to catch in the books, but it's still something that happens in every game, and it's an even more broken game mechanic, because it's worth 150 points instead of just 30. So it usually makes everything else that happens in a match completely irrelevant.
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