Spellslingers S03 EP04 - Day[9] Vs Jon Heder

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Spellslingers S03 EP04

Back to basics this week, and big plus for me, that means I lot less pausing to read card text. It also means I don't have any specific questions or ponderings, so here's some random miscellany instead:

Mirrors - I generally dislike mirror matchups. Primarily because it really emphasizes the luck aspect when players are basically using the same deck. But at least the color combinations of magic help reduce that issue somewhat.

Renown - So wait, stinky Troll gains praise across the land for successfully damaging a frail old man with a staff. Yet bupkis for successfully crossing paths with Demons, Dragons and Angels. Seems a little unfair...

Fish Lizard - I really hope that was spawned by arcane means rather than conventional :-/

To conclude, fun, simple episode, and one that might be useful as a observation tool for new players. Kind of like Spellslingers itself :-)

PS: Does anyone else hope they force Sean to play mono-blue at some point? Just because they can :-)  

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  • I thought the overlap in basic creatures like wolves and elves was annoying, too. I don't mind playing one green deck vs. another, but I'd rather see more variety between them. When I was playing Magic regularly with my friends, we had a house rule limiting decks to one card of any given description, aside from purely mana-producing lands. That helped reduce the monotony of playing duplicate cards repeatedly during a game. If you're gonna counterspell my every move with a Blueballs deck, at least give me a variety of game-throttling denial cards to look at!

    Now, if they gave Sean a solid blue deck that was actually clever and effective without relying on the mainstays of counters, controls, and unsummons, that would be fun to watch! You can imagine his initial revulsion, and then a bit of surprised relief, followed by the terrible moral dilemma of how to acknowledge almost enjoying an unconventional blue deck. Blue-artifact works pretty nicely. As a bonus, could he play blue vs. Felicia, armed/afflicted with an insufferably smug mono-white deck? It'd be the battle of the ethically compromised planeswalkers! Who can overcome their revulsion to emerge victorious? :}
  • I just watched this episode and was wondering is there any way of finding out what cards that Sean has in his deck, i noticed i had a few of the ones he played and wanted to know if theres a spot to see the deck list or something.
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