Extra Life

Not sure if anyone has heard of this but if so wondering if G&S has any plans to do anything for it. Seeing as it is all about playing all types of games for 24 hours to raise money that goes towards Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.



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    Whilst I can't confirm if G&S will be doing anything this year (and we rarely see anyone official on the forums who could).

    I can confirm that G&S are aware of ExtraLife, as there was a full G&S stream team in 2013, and a number of the solo vlogger streams last year. (Not to mention an awesome Sarah/Catrina stream too).

    As such, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see some Extra Life content either solo or in conjunction with Nerdist, and even if the main channel doesn't have any. Its highly likely they will be some G&S related streams, and who knows maybe some of the Hoomans will be doing some Extra Life streaming as well.....???

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  • I know Erika Ishii will be streaming for extra life on Sunday, October 4th at 12:00PM Pacific. 
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