The Flog Strikes Back - Pole Dancing

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Felicia Dances with a Pole! Its Magnetic.

I have to admit that this was one of the Flogs I was looking forwards to the most, and not for pervy reasons. But because there always something entertaining in seeing Felicia the HIGHLY talented dancer (as shown in numerous G&S music vids), battle with Felicia the "un-athletic klutz" (as "portrayed" in previous Flogs such as Parkour).

And this time out, I think its fair to say, that aside from a few facial expressions here and there, that was pretty much full time talent. Quite possibly due to the inherent dangers of dancing in those heels!

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  • ***SPOILER BELOW - watch the video all the way through to the very end first ***

    So about that song at the end. My thoughts went roughly like this:

    - Oh this is nice, a song about all the places Felicia's visiting for the book tour.
    - A bit cheesy, but that's the joke.
    - Oooh, it's building up to the chorus...
    - *COUGH* *SPLUTTER* [drink spews across keyboard] *COUGH*
    - Much, much LOL-ing

    Well played, Miss Day, well played.

  • JohnRedBeardJohnRedBeard Member
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    TBH, I couldn't take my eyes off her bra the whole episode. It wasn't a sexual thing though, just "Oooo, sparkly!"
  • @JohnRedBeard probably the same with last week's fencing boobplate? ;p
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  • Nah, that one didn't have rhinestones.
  • Ahh, therein is the basis of the next installment.  Fencing in Rhinestone Undies. me Ms. Day.
  • Did anyone gif the flog poledancing episode? Asking... for a... friend. 
  • druin101druin101 Member
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    These three made Pole Dancing look so easy, meaning it's probably really hard. A friend asked me to try her Zumba class once. I watched her do it and thought, well this couldn't be so hard. By the time i realized that stretching wasn't part of the class, it was too late. Not only was i the only man, but I also had to dance. It felt like I'd been through some insane form of medieval torture. After that experience i decided to swear off exercise classes and dancing forever.
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