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Felicia goes Fencing. Tom Sawyer not included.

I always knew Felicia was equipped with a witty riposte, and now she has a practical one too. Though sadly I'm not sure how useful her training will be in the inevitable zombie apocalypse to come :-/

In other ramblings, there are always moments during these shows, when I almost feel sorry for the poor professionals. First time exposure to the brilliant insanity that is Felicia can be a startling experience for the uninitiated, and most of them likely have no idea of the glory that awaits, when they head in for just another boring day at work. I'm also not at all surprised she won the lightsaber duel in view of her previous experience with the form.

Oh and did You Must Build a Boat give anyone else Felicia's Ark flashbacks?

PS: One would hope that hitting the happy strap area, is illegal in all forms of professional fencing. Ouch!

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  • Ooh, I've been looking forward to this one. Can't wait to get home and watch it.
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    @alanalmeria, "You Must Build a Boat" did indeed give me flashbacks to Felicia's Ark.

    But most of my flashbacks in this episode came from the fencing segment. It reminded me of how years ago, a friend and I had these swords made from wooden dowels inserted into pool noodles, and we had sword fights in my back yard. Good times. But holy crap, our good times would have been SO much cooler if we'd had lightsabers.
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  • I am definitely using the Groupon - Groupon - Bam!  Full Price!  analogy to explain feinting tactics in all martial arts from now on.  Felicia, master of bait-and-switch combat.  Why wasn't that in Musashi's Book of Five Rings?  
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