Spellslingers S03 EP03 - Day[9]/Ryon Day Vs Alan Tudyk/Felicia Day

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Spellslingers S03 EP03

Its probably not too surprising, for most regular episode thread readers, to learn that this was the episode I was looking forwards to most in season 3. And not just because of the return of Felicia (ok mostly because of the return of Felicia), but because of the chance to see how the two v two setup played out.

First up, I'm really glad that each player has their own deck, rather than some horrible sharing deal, and whilst I would have preferred to see more interaction between allies. Trumpet Blast did end up sealing the deal, and I imagine there are "some "professional" 2v2 decks that specialize in that type of interaction. I'm also really glad that we got to see a Planeswalker unbound for the first time, and I really like the possibilities of having a sub-hero with selectable abilities in play.

Cool episode as always, and I really hope we get to see some more unorthodox matchups, in the seasons and shows yet to come.

PS: I bet Ryon enjoyed seeing the Nissa seed get parasites..... 

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  • Didn't get to see all the players' opening hands but considering Ryon's deck he probably should have taken a mulligan especially considering that under the multiplayer rules he could've drawn a new hand of 7 cards, not 6 cards as is usual under the 1v1 rules.

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