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Hey guys, just thought I'd open up a thread here to talk about G&S's new twitch show with Jess and Orion playing FFXIV on monday evenings.

First things first, I love the concept of bringing in an MMO show to the twitch lineup. It was sorely needed as most of twitch traffic falls into the category of MMO, MOBA, or FPS streams. This will absolutely bring in new viewers to the channel and I'm all for it. We do need to cover the other bases of those categories of course but that's another topic entirely.

Now on to my personal suggestions for what I'd like to see on the show. FFXIV is a super great game, it's got a fantastic fan base and the community in game is among the best in genre. Totally a fit for G&S. However it is an MMO, and anyone who has ever played one before knows that these games aren't something you just log into once a week for three hours and call it quits. Here's the thing about MMO streams on Twitch; people watch them for tips, advice, high-level play, or they watch them for the "first impressions let's play" type. The latter is unfortunately a very short lived in popularity. After a while it just grows stale, viewers get bored or have made up their decision on the game. So my first suggestion is to make this show slightly more regular, at least a few days per week. More play time means more experience and more community interaction. It will also give the audience the impression that you're more serious about this game and that you want people to come to G&S to check it out and join our community. It also gives the G&S a real in game community to play together through the Free Company (guild) system. But all of this starts with expanding the schedule. There are other streamers out there that play MMO games for up to 8 hours a day, constantly interacting with their communities, grouping up, doing dungeons, enjoying some PvP together, and they're always online. If G&S is serious about doing an MMO show, more time needs to be put aside for it for it to gain any traction.

So what does everyone else think? I did really enjoy the show and I think Jess and Orion are the perfect hosts for it. If anyone else has anything to add feel free to post up your opinions, or just talk about the show in general.


  • I have no real experience with MMOs, unfortunately, so I can't really think of anything specific I'd like the show to do, exactly.

    Right now, my question would be whether or not it'll be uploaded to the Geek & Sundry website at any point in time. The time slot is really inconvenient for me, and I don't currently have the funds to sub, but I'd really like to watch the show somehow anyway :/
  • While under normal circumstances I would agree with you full-heartedly. However you have to look at Jessica and Orion's weekly show as a "guest appearance" or a cameo.  This is not their full time jobs. They have other obligations and I do not think they intend the  FFXIV stream to be a full time endeavor. While I love FFXIV and have been playing heavy the last few months like most MMO's end game is dungeon farming and while I do watch a few FFXIV streamers end game does get boring. 
    I honestly do not think you would ever be able to compare the FFXIV show with a full time stream. The show gives the fans a chance to play with the cast in addition to building a G&S foundation community in the FFXIV realm as well as the possibility of expanding to other games later.  
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