The Flog Strikes Back - Room Escape

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Felicia Escapes. From a room!

Fantastic to see the show back, and I suspect I'm not the only person who's been dearly missing that title music :-)   (And no Wil's version doesn't count :-P)

And what a star studded way to return, with a massive celebrity jail break no less. Though I do have to wonder if Felicia was completely aware of the horror themed nature of this specific room in advance? Kind of feels like an experience she'd prefer to avoid :-?

Still it did led to some interesting, if ear splitting moments (stupid headphones), and it was certainly impressive how the group came together at the last, to forge their way to freedom, in the veritable nick of time.

Really glad to see the show back :-D

PS: I would image that escape room prisoner isn't the funnest full-time job?

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  • Woohoo! The Flog returns! Oh how I missed that theme music.

    That escape room segment was really fun. I thought they weren't going to make it. I was on the edge of my seat.
  • I don't think I could imagine a worse time than being locked in a room with my friends. (Nothing against my friends, just... social anxiety plus time sensitive, high pressure scenario... that's a recipe for panic attack, regardless of the theme.) But still, it's awesome to see the Flog back. I think my favorite part was the book plug at the end. Anyway, I look forward to more episodes, which hopefully won't trigger too many of my neuroses. 
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  • I wouldn't like a horror-themed Escape Room, but the idea intrigues me... I saw a Sydney (Australia) one advertised that was Sherlock Holmes themed, that might have been fun.

    I loved Felicia's Trio Mio, especially number 3, that was hilarious and unexpected.

    I wonder if she really is going to get rid of Question of Note or not...
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    @Molokov There are a few in Melbourne as well, most of which aren't horror themed. I'm hoping to go to one later in the year.
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