Spellslingers S03 EP01 - Day[9] Vs Alison Haislip

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Spellslingers S03 EP01

After a long and arduous wait, Spellslingers finally makes its return to G&S. And I have to say, even as a non-Magic player, its one of the shows I look forwards to the most. Which probably comes down to a combination of how well G&S cut and edit the action together, and the ever enthralling presence of Day[9].

As to Episode 3.1 itself, its Spellslingers, its awesome. What more did you expect?

Ok, so it was fantastic seeing Alison on the show as she's basically a Geek and Sundry regular these days, and whilst I usually (Felicia aside) root for Sean to win, in this case I'll make an exception for the newbie. Great game from start to finish, and it looks like Magic may have found themselves another convert.

PS: Is it odd that I found the Blessed Sprits artwork far creepier then any of the spiders?

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