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Hey gang!  So one of the things that Zac and Felicia have said is cool about Twitch is the idea that they can experiment with content, gauge reactions, and adjust things according to what people are enjoying.

To grow the channel, the Twitch Team are hoping to boost some shows into the level of popularity that Critical Role has achieved.  So it sounds like there may be some tinkering and brainstorming going on to find new show formulas, etc.

But as Zac has often said, and as Felicia also noted in recent stream, they're really keen on hearing what we think.  They want to know what we're loving, what we want to see more of, and what vibes within the channel keep us coming back.  So to make things easier for the Twitch Team, I figured a thread was in order for us to chat about what we love!

As this is a positive community, let's keep the thread itself positive.  Zooming in on the things we enjoy, so that the team knows what is keeping us tuned in.  If you'd like to contribute your thoughts, maybe you can use this format:
  • Favorite Shows: what are the shows that are can't miss, from your perspective? What do you love about them?
  • Favorite types of segments: do you like the pure gaming stuff? Do you enjoy the hosts chatting about things they're passionate about? Is it comedy you love? Dance segments? Let the team know!
  • Ideas for the future?  Is there something G&S hasn't done yet that you think they should give a try?  Do you want to see a particular host try a new type of show?

As always, many thanks to all of you for being positive voices on the internet.  The G&S community is great at doing that <3



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    I enjoy Steph and Jessica's show because they embody most what I love about G&S programming, positivity and creativity.

    Improv games? Kinda like whose line?

    I like the interviews. Keep bringing in people (if possible) you could meet in a Con.
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    Thanks @blairbeveridge! I can always count on you to be thoughtful and enthusiastic :)

    As you said, Stef and Jessica have captured a lot of great elements in their show - cos-play, gaming, witty rapport, community involvement, and fun dancing.  It mixes together a lot of great things!
  • Well I'd guess that Honesty Hour is up there as one of the most popular shows, and I think that should help show that we as a community love Zac (hint hint, give Zac more presenting things;)  ). I personally love the Cosplaying streams and will catch them live as and when I am able (damn UK timezone!), and I think there may be mileage in a Hector/Jess show (I had the idea of a show called Comfort Zone where they do things that they've never done before - although might be a little similar to The Flog, and also not really suited to Twitch unless you did a show that was a mix of live and pre-recorded. Also I guess it'd be a little budget-heavy).

    Twitch is always evolving, so I'm happy to see G&S looking to evolve too - after all, if you're standing still you're going backwards ^_^
  • Thanks TorontoGal for putting this topic up! 

    Favorite Shows:
    a) CR: Because I'm an avid roleplayer and Matt and crew make make their adventure like I'm there with them!
    b) GameTheGame: Ivan and Becca work so well off each other as hosts! Plus, bringing both the tabletop and digital tabletop experience lets me enjoy the games that much more.
    c) Cos Playing Minecraft: Stef and Jessica work really well off each other, and while I don't really enjoy playing Minecraft all that much, I enjoy watching them play.

    Favorite types of segments:
    a) Anything where the the hosts can interact with the chat. Best thing about GnS twitch is the hosts really enjoy looking at the chat and answering questions. 
    b) Dancing (for subs and Just Dance) is always entertaining!
    c) Spontaneity. Where things don't go as planned and they the hosts just can be themselves or do crazy things!
    d) The Pull - Opening... Amy, Hector and Whitney make that a must see every week!

    Ideas for the future:
    a) STAY THE COURSE! Don't change what made GnS twitch so unique! Great hosts, guests, shows and segments that don't fit into previously designed boxes.
    b) Would love other shows to reach the popularity of CR! But, make sure the host/chat interaction doesn't suffer because of it (too many people chatting at once the hosts/guests can't really interact the way they do now). I know more people in the room can mean more subs, but I hope there is a balancing point! 

  • Critical Role, Honesty Hour, The Pull and The Concession Stand are the four shows on the top of my list that I can't miss. They are my favorite shows, for a variety of reasons. Critical Role for the immersion into the group's world. Honesty Hour because it makes the channel feel human and that we as viewers are important enough to get a little peek behind the curtains. The Pull and Concession Stand both for the that that the hosts are so passionate about the subject and because of the way they talk to the viewers/chat.

    I like the rest of the shows as well, but those are the four I do my best to not miss (this week not withstanding, since we moved houses and didn't get internet until literally 10 minutes ago).

    I don't really know if I like any one thing segment wise better than others. They all have their good points and ups and downs. I do know I don't like every host, but it's hard to talk about that with our either making people mad or coming off as a jerk, so if anyone wants more specifics I can talk privately about it.

    I know this has been debated in chat a lot but I would love to see some "retro" gaming done on channel, even if it's only for a week or two to see how it would play out (and I know that a lot of Co-Optitude is like this), but it's something that I don't see a lot on twitch.
  • I really enjoy where the Twitch channel has gotten to today. I enjoy a lot of the content, because it is diverse and while might not appeal to every single person, it brings in a lot of topics so people can tune into what they enjoy.

    The biggest draws for me are:

    Gather your party (tournament style) - sure only 2 eps in this newer format, but kinda awesome involving the viewers & hosts this way (but how will the viewer wear the belt of champions?!)

    Concession Stand - love love love movies!

    Honesty Hour - a real community building show. Hosts and viewers can talk about serious topics in the community or in general, that a lot of people experience & go through, and might not have another outlet for discussing.

    The Pull - I've been learning about great graphic novels from this show, and the interviews are great.

    Critical Role - 'nuff said!

    So you don't have to - because I really do not want to spend money on these games, and the off/on running commentary is hilarious, and makes up for the games usually :)

    Gather your party + music guests - Get to see a bunch of new and classic party/group games played, and the musical guests have been terrific. (Get Nikki back to do a solo show!)

    What would get me to clock in even more hours watching? More indie game coverage/playtesting. I think these make for a great opportunity in bringing attention to not mega-blockbusting-AAA titles, that are really well done, and might otherwise be overlooked. The E3 coverage really touched on that, and I loved watching it.
  • 1) Critical Role has so much talent behind it but it's also inspiring a lot of hoomans to go out and play too. I think that's also why I like Gather Your Party, but a lot of the games aren't things I'm interested in playing or sometimes watching. 

    2) My favorite segments aren't the pure gaming ones. Cosplaying is fun because it's a perfect mix of banter and playing, plus community engagement. Whenever the hosts are too into playing, I feel less included than when the hosts are casually chatting while playing. 

    3) As much as I like some episodes of So You Don't Have To, I like the weird but fun games (like the Akiba Strip or on Co-optitude that weird bodybuilder parade game). However, some of the games are just bad and personally I don't enjoy watching people play bad games especially when they're not even having fun while playing them. Maybe a show that instead demoed indie or off-beat games would be a better way to expose the community to new games. 

    Regardless I enjoy the hosts immensely and they're why I'm always coming back. 
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    My must-sees for the channel are The Pull, Game The Game, Honesty Hour, Gather Your Party and Critical Role.

    We all know how much the community loves Critical Role. It honestly does not need any help whatsoever, which is wonderful and tragic simultaneously because it draws in a lot of viewers, but not a lot of dedicated fans who stick around to watch the other wonderful offerings on the channel.

    The Pull has helped me start to reignite my passion for writing and comic books (my first geeky love). I love listening to the guests and their experiences working in the comic industry, since I live in a place far removed from LA and don't get to hear those experiences first hand without spending a lot of money to go to far away conventions.

    I love Game The Game because it introduces and teaches me new games! Ivan is a great teacher and Becca and Erika are wonderful first-time competitors and it helps me get closer with my friends when we play these games together, often for the first time.

    My love for Honesty Hour comes from the sense of community, and how we're all humans on different journeys, who've had a plethora of experiences, and sharing them with each other makes us all better in a small way. Without the community, the Twitch channel would feel a bit like an island, and not a bustling town with so many interesting people who share your interests. I never feel alone in the channel's community, and want to engage and speak with those who have different opinions and life experiences. Again, I live in a small town, far removed from the hustle and bustle of LA, so getting those experiences in any format for someone like myself is like an ambrosia.

    Gather Your Party is wonderful to me because it expands my taste in music. I keep an open mind, but pulling in all those artists to perform is like having a private concert in my living room, surrounded by good friends.

    The love for Critical Role is strong, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a member of the Twitch G&S community who doesn't care for it. Don't fudge with a running system and all.

    With all that being said, please keep up the hard work! I love segments where the hosts are actually having fun with whatever they're doing, which is what's important to me.

    For future segments, I've love to see some things like showcasing great games that have slipped under the radar (indies, imports, that sort of thing), and a feature with some anime. It's a huge genre (anime), but I'd like to get/give recommendations to anime that isn't something EVERYONE has seen (ie. Cowboy Bebop, and pretty much everything Adult Swim airs).
  • I love Cos playing and Minecraft as Jess and Stef are two of my favourite hosts and I love anything that Erika is in as she is so versatile and can do anything and I miss Becca too as she is an amazing host and works well with everyone and i am looking forward to seeing what she does next with Geek and Sundry.

    I am not into comics but i really like the pull as Amy and Whitney are two of the best people you could have for such a show and it would be perfect if ComicBookGirl19 was the third host but she is to busy and hector does a great job as well and he knows almost as much about comics as CBG19.

    Game together is another great show with amazing hosts and hopefully one day i will get to play a game with them but i only really play PS4 games and so far they've only played PC games or games on consoles I don't own but i am ok with that as they will get round to the PS soon enough i am sure.

    So you don't have to is another great show as we get to see the hosts awkwardly try and figure how to play the game and find out what it's even about and it's always a source of much hilarity and GIF's (not jifs).

    Just dance is the perfect end to any stream as we get to see all of our favourite hosts dancing to all of our favourite songs and it's even better with special guests and when the group from Critical role join in and everyone loves Critical Role as for many people it's the highlight of the week and the very reason they subscribed to Geek and Sundry.

  • Game Together: Not a bad show. Definitely better when they're able to get guests on, like the Marvel Heroes episode. I'm also really liking the tournaments that have happened the last 2 episodes; I think it's a great alternative for this show, when a guest isn't available.

    Concession Stand: Great addition to the show line-up. Definitely helps prove it doesn't have to be all gaming all the time, to be successful and good.

    CosPlaying: I like the idea, but I don't think it has to be all Minecraft all the time. Different games, and maybe cosplaying to fit with the game of the day?

    The Pull: Another great non-gaming show. I'm not too big into comics myself, so the first half is kinda lost on me, but the second half - the interviewing - has been really great so far.

    Scarred Silly: Seems like sort of a limited idea, but they're definitely braver than I am, with the games they're playing.

    Mulligan: I've never been a fan of Magic: The Gathering. I've tried to play it, but could never get into it. I really enjoy watching it, though. I think Spellslingers does a better job of showing off Magic, but Mulligan was great for people (like me) who were curious, and just wanted to know more about it. I got to learn right along with Erika.

    Game The Game: Ivan mentioned in the last show (25 June) that the show would maybe be more about strategy games in general (not just table top), and I think that would be really fantastic. I have an Amazon wishlist for the table top games I discovered through this show that I'd love to play, and it'd be neat to add things to a Steam wishlist, too.

    Critical Role: Bread. And. Butter. I'm a genuine D&D fan, both as a player and a DM, so I love this show.

    So You Don't Have To: This show definitely has its moments. With bad games, some down times are inevitable, but when the commentary is available, it's solid freakin' gold.

    Gather Your Party: In the straw poll, this is one of the ones I voted for. I'm always on the lookout for new games to play with friends, and I've gotten several ideas from watching tihs. The music guests have been REALLY good; I'm discovered all sorts of people and groups I might have never discovered before. And then of course Just Dance. I've never made as many gifs as I have during Just Dance.

    Honesty Hour: I know it's not an official show, but in the straw poll, this was the other show I voted for. I feel like it shows the Twitch community that someone from (mostly) behind the camera has an interest in connecting with us. I'd love it to stick around, but I think it should remain unofficial. Guests wouldn't be bad, sure, but just Zac and Alex focusing on chat and being brutally honest and totally open is really, very amazing.

    Hosts: I. Love. Erika. I'll be honest - when she first came on regularly, she wasn't my favorite; I thought she had too much energy. But it really didn't take long at all to see how well she became a perfect counterpart to whoever she hosts with. Her super-high energy and unrelenting enthusiasm is truly fantastic. Hector is great, too; I don't have much to say about him, but he's probably my favorite host. I understand Stef doesn't have quite the same background as most of the other hosts, so for me, having her on various shows provides a bit of an outsider's perspective, which can be pretty refreshing. Zac, of course, is totally snuggly and lovable, and can be a great host, when he's not fawning over everything cute and cuddly. Ivan only has the one show, but he's surprisingly informative, and seems to make it pretty easy to learn the mechanics of new games.
  • My ideas:

    Jess and Stef Cosplay is fun, but maybe alternate Minecraft with other Co-op/building games. Also maybe sometimes have cosplay workshops or info.

    Maybe have a show of introducing people to different RPG systems or just intro to RPGs in general, like one week making characters, another week world building. I know Matt is too busy to host something like that but if you could find the right host I am sure there is a market for it and it would build off the success of Critical Role.

    I know E3 was not good for making money for you guys, but I thought the indie games were very interesting. Maybe have a segment each week bringing in an indie developer to show off and talk about their game?

    I enjoy all the hosts to some degree, Erika grew on me. I love the variety of personalities and types of people on G&S. Please keep that up when bringing in new folks.

    I love the G&S Twitch so much. It is one of the few places online where I feel safe to be myself and that is a pretty big deal. 

    I am sure you are aware of this already, but you guys need to try to find/create more shows that are different from the other crap on Twitch in order to continue to success. You have set yourselves a lofty goal and I hope you achieve it.

    Also maybe consider selling things other than shirts to support the stream. I am not sure which items would do well, maybe do some trial runs and see what works.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Steph T AKA Gaea
  • I forgot to mention Ivan is an amazing host to and I'd like to see him in more shows if he is able to and not busy with real life and babies.
  • I usually just lurk in the twitch chat but felt I'd give my two cents. These comments are not an attack on the channel, just my honest thoughts that I hope can help make it even better than it already is!

    Honesty Hour - You don't see this kind of community often on the internet, many have commented on this. I think this show facilitates this communities great attitude towards guest, hosts and each other. The channel would be worse without it.

    Game Together - The standard - I play a game you watch me (100's of other twitch channels offer this). Show is 100% carried by the hosts so they need a great dynamic together. I personally think the show has improved massively with Erika & Hector now hosting.

    So You Don't Have To - Games need to be selected carefully. They have to be bad enough to be funny, but not so bad that your hosts can't enjoy themselves and in turn the audience, IMHO I find this is often the case.

    Overall my favorite shows are ones with content you can't find anywhere else and that makes you feel like an actual audience rather than just a viewer like with Youtube videos e.g. Critical Role, Just Dance stuff & Honesty Hour. I would utilize your pool of improvising and acting talent more! The best moments for me have been the card against humanity charades.

    Great channel, great community. Keep it going guys.
  • I like the shows that have more interaction with the chat since I think that's the main draw for twitch. Except Critical Role, that show is better without interaction from chat, aside from the occasional poll for a monster.

    I think the entire Monday and Tuesday lineup is solid. 

    Wednesday obviously needs help. I think that Magic the Gathering could be a viable show only if the show did not emphasis so much on explaining each card being played. So much explanation which drags out the games and it seems for a lot of the episodes, it was involving people who didn't know how to play so it was always teaching which got boring. Also all the side conversations which derailed the game. 

    An alternative would be a live game announcer who obviously is not able to be heard by the players while the players (who know how to play) just play. Not more teaching. Kinda like in hearthstone tournaments. At the same time, this game announcer would be the one interacting with chat, etc. A tutorial episode everyone few weeks is fine, but i think it got a bit repetitive when you are teaching new people every episode.

    It might be better to move Game the Game to Wednesday to lead up to it so that it's a better lead in.

    I would like to suggest other card games as well that might be worth playing. Star Wars LCG and Netrunner might be interesting to try.  

    I like the Just Dance stuff, but it might be starting to get stale since we're gone through all of it and people just aren't as excited. Maybe we need new songs/versions of the game or challenge the chat. Pretty sure some people might have it in their homes who might like to compete with the hosts.

    I like "So you don't have to", but I think it might be better to have multiple games. Stretching out one game seems to make it drag since after a while even the hosts don't seem to pay attention to it anymore. Perhaps going through 2-3 games could improve the flow.

    The Marvel Heroes shows are great, but they take too much time away from Zac. Maybe get a few of the other hosts to play that as well. Definitely less learning curve than HoTS.

    I think that a gaming news segment might be something to do. Kinda like superhero news, but not as long. Maybe an hour, then follow it up with up with an hour of gameplay. Kinda like "so you don't have to", except for new releases and for mainstream games. I think the doing it for Mortal Kombat and Witcher 3 a few weeks back was pretty good, but I dunno the numbers.

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    I'll add a +1 for any sort of improv games. I enjoyed the recent Utter Nonsense segment (thanks to whoever sent them that game!) and other bits where the hosts are playing at characters or funny accents. A lot of the hosts, like Felicia, have some improv background, and I'd love to see them showcase more comedy. There would be simple ways of involving chat, too, in soliciting prompts and suggestions, when needed. You could alternate between experience players and novices, or invite a guest to join into a game or a sketch with the regular gang of comedians.

    On a closely related note, Hector has become my favorite host, by virtue of his quick wits and ready humor, in a field of excellent people. I think he has really good chemistry with Jessica Marizan in the recent battery of Co-Optitude episodes they did together, too. I'd love to see more with that team, in almost any situation or show they might enjoy.

    I don't know if it makes sense to follow the success of Critical Role by adding more roleplaying content on a different day, but perhaps you could find an alternate RPG and setting that are broadly removed from the world of Vox Machina and 5th edition D&D. The one-off episode with a few novice players, like Snugglelord, suggest that it could be just as popular (in short runs, at least) as the awesome collection of veteran players and voice actors we look forward to watching every Thursday. Maybe Paranoia, or Vampire the Masquerade? RPGS that aren't too miniature-heavy avoid the technical difficulties associated with Magic, where viewers have a hard time seeing the cards. They are centered around talking, and acting stuff out, which plays well on camera.

    Look forward to seeing whatever they try next! :D
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    I'm not really one to pick favorites, but i'll try to comment about what I do love about the channel.

    I'm more of a tv show kind of guy than movies, but I love "the concession stand" because I get to hear about movies I probably wouldn't hear about otherwise. It's fun to see them gauge our interest in them too! :)

    "Honesty Hour" kind of happened by accident, and I'm very happy that Zac saw there was interest and stuck with it. It's become a channel tradition. I love that! It's a show that's not really a show, because we all just sit down and get real. It's not about asking questions or answering questions. It's about having conversations about matters that, more or less, are important to us all. And I think that helps us grow, and also as community (sharing is caring right?) It started out with just Zac and Alex, so I'm always glad when Alex gets to be "there" for it. And if there is a guest or two to join the conversations, even better!

    I love "the pull" because the live readings are awesome and the interviews have been amazing!

    (The guests have been ridiculously great in all da shows! it's crazy! Where/how do you find so many amazing people!?) 

    I love the gaming segments too but of all of them I think "So you don't have to" is probably the one I have most fun watching, when I'm not cleaning my tears from laughter.

    Which brings us to "gather you party". It's always a magical end of week for me, because I love music and... we already talked about guests. ;)

    Oh I also loved the e3 coverage!

    Above all I prefer the comedy on the channel, which is often supported by playing games badly (sorry hosts, still luv ya) And It's fun seeing them having fun, which includes Zac and Lucas too, not just the all the hosts! Some of my favorite moments are with Zac or Lucas being silly with the other hosts. Everyone makes me laugh for different reasons but Erika, Hector, Ify and the Eubanks are the best of the channel for me. That said I'm also fond of Stef, Jess, Ivan and Becca. Really good picks for the roster all around! So it doesn't really matter to me if they are geeking out about what they love, or dancing or gaming, as long as it's what they are passionate about. 

    That's why I enjoy G&S twitch, because it has so much variety! That keeps me interested, since I'm one to have many interests, but not pursue them too deeply.

    I'm not really sure how to best improve the channel, but I think variety gaming is the best, even if maybe arduous path. The biggest slice of viewers on twitch watches pro players of popular moba's and other competitive games, where there usually is no "real" connection between streamer and viewers, since the streamer needs to be focused and practice, and the viewers want to learn "the meta". 

    The best communities I've seen on twitch usually tend to come from variety streamers, since they are there for the streamer, not the game. And I also think most other popular games already have "estabilished" streamers. Different games increase the pool of viewers to draw from more than playing the same games every week i guess. New games that people may be curious about purchasing, or older games that people love. Older games specifically, just like some indie games, may not have many streamers streaming them, which could put the channel on the top of these games directory, depending on the game in question.

    I think g&s is a very unique channel on twitch, and should be kept that way. That's why most of us love it. Everybody there and on this side make it special, so please try and not change it too much! Rome wasn't built in a day! (but sandcastles can be!)

    I'm sorry if I wasn't very concise and to the point, but I have some trouble expressing myself.
  • Shows and segments I enjoy are Honesty Hour, Minecraft, and GameTheGame and when I have the time Critical Role.
    I enjoy The Pull - I like the interveiw but could you please add more seeing the portfolio of the graphic artist.

    Here is some ideas for the future:
    I know this will be hard to do. But a variety show with some local music and as allways comedy. I think Geek and Sundry would do great in this. The only issue is budget Host by Ivan and Stef. Also when she has time Felicia Day.

    Make Improv games roulette. The wheel will pick two games. Then there will be a straw poll on which game is played.

    A Geeky look at gadgets. But focus on some seasonal gadgets sometimes. Host by Hector.

    This one is a little dangerous because of the haters out there, maybe hurt fellings and copyright law. So warning on this one.
    Have Fan Fiction storys about Geek and Sundry crew, other shows or horror talk with monsters in the fan faction.

    I forgot always straw poll and keep Dancing Geek&Sundry twitch!
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    Sorry for being un-original here but my favourite show is still Co-Opttitude live with Ryon and Felicia :) The timing of it is great for the European viewers too (9pm UK 10pm rest of Europe) so i hope this remains in it's timeslot. 

    Having done a great job as stand in hosts i really would like to see Jessica and Hector have there own live co-optitude show, maybe under a different banner so as not to confuse the audience. I thought the chemistry displayed between the two was epic!

    Also i can only reiterate what previous members have said about honesty hour. Whilst many shows would be afraid to go anywhere near the idea of such openness it is refreshing to see so many people (hosts, guests and chat) embrace the idea of being both open and honest about personal issues, worries and even sharing stories both good and bad.

    Lastly I would like to say the way all of the presenters and everyone associated with G&S interact with the community on social media is excellent. Again i know a lot shows and companies (not necessarily Twitch channels) dissuade there staff from certain interaction, but the fact the G&S crew as so honest and friendly on social media makes it easier to interact with them when it comes to being in chat. Long may this continue please :)
  • I love Critical Role but I've only been able to watch, at most, 1.5 hours total live; time conflict. Before this was a real issue because the VOD on Twitch was unwatchable; lots of stutters because of bandwidth limitations. The newer player - and particular being able to adjust the playback bitrate, were a godsend. Was bad on G&S until (1) engined changed, and (2) bitrate selection.

    Finding VOD on twitch is a nightmare (or I'm doing it wrong, in which case the interface stinks). Think about what percent of people you know that DVR their TV shows - same concept.

    I think CR's popularity is not that it is D&D; in my life I've played one multi-hour session, and I find it hard to believe that with the audience numbers a huge percentage came as D&D players. I believe it is that it is Game of Thrones; it has a structured story, and pros that actively work not to talk over each other and already know how to present believable characters and work together.

    I believe Felicia's solo stream works because her celebrity brings in people originally, and her fun personality and deep interaction with the chat keeps us there and subbing. I think it keeps working with Ryon joining because (1) it is harder to talk over each other being skyped, and (2) they have the whole sibling connection which, tied with the experience from Co-Optitude, allows them to also provide a (sometimes goofy) professional feel while chat still feels like we are both interacting *and* contributing to the fun. Basically, I think Felicia's streams work for the same reason Sean Plott's Day9tv solo streams work and are successful.

    I haven't watched very much of the rest of the content because, frankly, I'd have to be able to find the VOD on Twitch. Otherwise I have to hope I get lucky timing when I can take a moment to hop on Twitch and see what is currently live.

    Duplicating Felicia's solo success would be very hard to do; you'd have to find a host with that kind of personality and interaction, and either wait for word to spread or already has the draw to bring in new viewers - and frankly, most such people are probably already making their own content.

    But I think the draw-ability of CR can probably be duplicated - storytelling in an interactive, improvisational manner. How? Got me; I'm a website programmer.
  • As @Chizzleface said GMT/BST times arent the best to see everything live so I miss a lot of the live interaction, unless Honesty Hour runs late.  My favourite shows:
    Honesty Hour - i know it was largely unplanned but I like the show, the interaction between Alex and Zac, they do give some good recommendation for music, films, games and comics to check out, and also it gives me plenty to think about and it amazes me how few questions they don't answer.  While it was fun when they had other guests on the show, chat was usually more reserved and it didnt have the same chemistry as with just Alex and Zac.

    The Pull - I will admit that I was never big into Comics, but the energy and love that Hector, Amy, Whitney (and the off screen Zac) brings to the show has made me go and buy more comics.  The interviews when they have had someone on have been entertaining and no matter who is doing the interview you can see their love and interest in the medium.

    Game the Game - has introduced me to a lot of Tabletop games that i have went out and bought after seeing them on the show.  I love the interaction betweeen Ivan and Becca (and Ivan and Sarah when she covered for Becca before).

    Mulligan - I started playing Magic the gathering a few months ago, possibly after watching Ify play and finding there was a local club.  I watch the show looking for tips I can use in my own game play. 

    Minecraft and Cosplay - I dont have a real interest in Minecraft, I only have a small interest in Cosplay yet because of Jess and Stef I always watch this show.  They are brilliant hosts, work well together and make the show a can't miss.  The minecraft server is a cool way to show off the talent that people in the community have.

    (I will watch all of critical roll as soon as I more time - i promise)

    Favourite type of segments
    In general I like the interaction between the hosts (classic moments like Hector finding Beccas half donut and the playful trolling that caused), and also how they interact with the chat - how they can pick up so much from chat and respond to individual comments on what must be a wall of text.  I also like how the hosts will play with chat too: whether it is on the minecraft or Ivan and Becca playing games with chat, or even speedrunner, smash brothers and more recently Marvel Hoeroes - it is another step in tieing in a brilliant community that has grown up around the channel.

    As for ideas for other shows - I will think about that and post that in a further comment

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