Advanced Magic the Gathering Player, Wanting to Improve

Hello All,
I'm a new poster here, but I've been watching several of the shows for a while now.  I watched MtG being played in high school (1993-1996) and I started playing in 1996 or 1997 in college.  I've collected and/or played with varying frequency throughout the intervening years at a casual level.  I think I've gotten fairly good and have quite a collection of decks that I've built from a decently sizable collection over a number of years.  I want to try to improve if I can... within the last few years I've met some really good players and I'd like to step up my game.  Certain aspects of play - in game, i'm reading some Magic Theory articles on and trying to improve my play efficiency.  What I'd like to do here, with as great a community as this seems to be, is ask for some feedback on my decks, how they are built, how I can improve my deck building in general.

Some of my favorite decks are posted on MtG Vault at:

Any thoughts?
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