Heroes of the Storm

Do we have any G&S teams going on? I know it's not officially released yet, but they've been handing out betas like candy and I'd be surprised if a lot of us aren't already in there. It's something we should think about, especially if the stream plans on broadcasting HotS games (I think they already mentioned an interest in streaming LoL). We could put together a list of our battle tags and either have a casual friend's list of people to play with that way, or maybe even formalize different teams within G&S to play against each other. Maybe even teams representing our hosts.. like #TeamHecThor vs. #TeamBecca, that sort of thing. =)


  • crankdawg47crankdawg47 Member
    edited May 2015 PM
    I play but don't have a team. #puglife


  • I play as well, but no team.
  • So, this is super old...but I just got on the forums.  If anyone still plays, and is looking for someone to clunk around in quick matches with...Or even a few hero league matches, I play a few times a week.  HamSkiff is my user name. 
  • Hey, I get on a couple times a week, user name is Ironchariot
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